The synchronization of the “Game of Thrones” is a walk in the Park for the actors, no sugar. Because the U.S. channel HBO wants to prevent the publication of any spoilers. This is the German voice actor Manou Lubowski (49) now revealed. The borrows in the German Version of the knight Jamie Lannister (In the Original: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 48) the voice.

For the eighth and final season should have increased the makers of the security measures. “I’ve participated in several productions, for which it was extremely. But the security precautions were already pretty high,” said Lubowski the German press Agency.

Before each recording Session, the actor had to give up his cell phone. The scenes were censored in addition, even for Lubowski self, sometimes the images were blacked out so that the speaker could only see the mouths of the characters. “Because you have to improvise and try to use the Text as accurately as possible in English to speak,” he reveals.

“I believe no one wants to know how it ends”

in Spite of the high security Lubowksi white measures: thanks to his profession, of course, more than the average fan of the Fantasy series. Therefore, the would holes him again and again with questions. Answer did he give but never. Because: “I think that any Fan likes to the tickle to be able to know. But it will, I think, nobody really know.”

Privately I have looked at Lubowski, of the is also as “Dumplings” in the radio play series “TKKG”, “Game of Thrones” by the way, never. Nevertheless, he was sad that the TV Sensation comes to an end. (klm)