of The 3. January 2015 was for Roland Stebler (61) to the lucky day: the first Lotto draw of the year, he wins a Million francs. “That was beautiful, I could hardly believe my luck.”

With his winnings, he is planning a nice vacation in the far East. However, the tax authorities at his home in Arbon, TG makes him quick to understand that The enjoyment comes only after the taxes. Stebler, recalls: “The tax Commissioner said to me: “you wouldn’t Have won the lottery, would you go over at all!””

This “money Horny behavior of the Thurgauer” got him motivated to go to the residence, says the Lotto-millionaire. His choice falls on Freienbach SZ, where to Arbon 120’000 francs to save taxes let.

He drew in a Schwyzer WG

However, the Thurgauer authorities to be suspicious, don’t buy Stebler, that he has transferred his center of life in fact, in the Canton of Schwyz.

not that the millionaire should there be a hard decision. In addition, Stebler grants, continue to be regularly in Arbon stop. “Yes, this is completely normal. I have friends and family there. My mother was Dying,” explains the person Concerned.

The justice does not believe him. Stebler is subject to in March before the Federal court (VIEW reported). The judgment of the accusation Steblers shows that relevant documents from the year 2015, “without a trace” not to be disappeared, the judge will allow.

After the conclusion of the proceedings, evidence emerge

“I collected shopping receipts and other evidence to prove my presence in freienbach and have submitted this in the Original,” he stresses, Stebler. As he picks up after his court broke in the lawyer’s office, the documents of his Case, it appears that the “missing” evidence.

The documents, the original envelopes of the Stebler sent registered mail, if any at all. Also the evidence with the entrance stamp and personal notes of a civil servant are to be found. This Stebler, who took him to his income anonymously to the tax authorities framed experiences. The millionaire accuses: “This is a scandal. Due to the lack of evidence, I had not a fair trial.”

VIEW asks R. G.*, to the responsible tax officials. He had disputed in its submission to the Federal court, that “proof had vanished documents”. How does he explain their Emergence? “I don’t give any information,” says G. Then he hangs up.

Director is none error-aware

At the request of the chief of R. G., who heads up the Martin denies Rütsche, all of the allegations vehemently. Instead, he expresses the suspicion that it Steblers lawyer could have been, had not forwarded the Dossier to the requested access to the files of the tax appeals Commission. The original dossier was not to be found. In addition, stresses Rütsche, that in the documents, no personal information of the assessment experts were included, and the personal signature on the notes of this came.

Roland Stebler: “The freezing cold to let the evidence disappear, but no one wants to be to blame! The cost me, ultimately, of 120’000 francs more in taxes.” The millionaire announces legal steps.