Like an old Native Freddy Burger (73) sits two hours before the Premiere in the gallery and explained the weather: “If we’re lucky, the coming forth of the Eiger, the Mönch and the Jungfrau from the clouds and watch over the most beautiful lake stage in the world.” The longtime Manager of Udo Jürgens (1934-2014) has taken over the lake of Thun games this year.

The Musical “ICH war noch niemals in New York” with the Hits of Jürgens a “matter of the heart is but not only for him”. Former Federal councillor Adolf Ogi (76) says: “When I was special adviser to the UN, I was allowed to frequently travel to this wonderful city. At the time, I knew New York almost better than Kandersteg. And that is why the title song is also my favourite Udo song.”

“Knew New York like the back of my bag,”

Also a Hotelier and Ski-acrobatics-pioneer Art Furrer (82) was during its US-often in the city that never sleeps. “I knew New York like the back of my bag. My wife and I met Gerlinde in the vicinity. Today we are mountains but rather in the Valais, where it is more quiet.”

presenter Monika Fasnacht (54) travelled as a Swissair flight attendant was also often Overseas, your favorite Reto May (49), in contrast, never “beyond the pond”. “First, you need to invent a plane with more space for my long legs,” jokes May. But then both say with confidence: “A common New-York-travel is one of our big plans for the future.” Hopefully it goes May not like Freddy Burger at his first NY visit: “As of the plaice embossed a young man, I was shocked in 1953 and was completely overwhelmed by the noise and the many people.”

a Successful Premiere without rain

Entertainer and band leader Pepe Lienhard, (73) worked like burgers over the decades, with Udo Jürgens and is as a Musical Consultant in the tuna is responsible for an authentic Sound. “The secret to the success of the Udo, and that he took his audience seriously, and so in the spell drew.”

the tuna Crew creates. The people on the 2700-seat grandstand sway, sing the chorus and jump up in thunderous applause enthusiastic. And over all, the moon and the spirit of Udo Jürgens float. The Musical runs until may 24. August.