Pepe Lienhard (73), and chief conductor, Ivan Vasilevskii (48) radiation similar to the sun Bay, on the lake of Thun. “We have the most beautiful workplace in the world”, the rave the Entertainer, and the chief conductor. The Musical “I was never in New York” on the lake stage (10. July to 24. August,) includes the greatest Hits of Udo Jürgens (1934-2014). For Lienhard a heart, it was as a long-time friend matter, to accept the Post of Musical Consultants. “Because I’ve worked so many years with him, I know exactly how the Sound has to come. However, Ivan and the orchestra have the matter well in hand.”

“Udo was never banal”

The phenomenon Udo Jürgens, he explains: “Udo was extremely disciplined. And he took the audience seriously, that I can learn from him. For him, it was no small Gala, which would not have been important. He disappointed the audience never will.” Also Vasilevskii raves about Jürgens: “Udo was never banal. And he had a presence, a huge stage, including the legendary addition of round in a Bathrobe.”

a native of The Bulgarian is to the 17. As a musical Director in Thun, and is aware of the special pitfalls here. “We need to put a lot of effort, that the people, not of the grandiose surroundings distract you, and really, the piece want to watch,” he says. The heat in the case of the samples come during the day. The instruments are slippery, the technology is on strike. “The slowdown is very close,” says Lienhard. “At the end of the sample, the whole Crew jumps in the lake. A picture for the gods.”

“I’m just a thanks to Susan Sarandon here”

The Ostschweizerin Angela Hunkeler (38) plays in the Musical “ICH war noch niemals in New York” a strict retirement home Manager. In the German Original this woman is a thin strap, on the lake Thun stage role as a woman, moth chügeli is schweizert. “I play a highly dissatisfied wife, who misses their frustrations on the old man,” describes Hunkeler their role.

New York is a most important role. “I used to work as a Flight Attendant for Swissair and had the Grounding from the 2. October 2001 experienced. When I was in New York, I went to the same Boutique. Once I met by chance a Hollywood Star Susan Sarandon, I’m a big Fan. I spoke to her and told her my dream was to be an actress. “Wag it,” she said quite simply to me. That was my turning point. I went home, announced at the Swissair and applied to various drama schools. I’m actually so only because of Susan Sarandon here,” says Hunkeler and laughs.

“, I got myself a terrible sunburn,”

The Swiss Musical Star Patrick Imhof (48) in Thun, the main role of the cool wildlife photographer, Axel staudach. During a break In rehearsals he was joking with Linus Niederhauser (14) who plays his son Florian. Niederhauser is the only layman in the Ensemble. “I was very well received and I can learn now a lot from the pros,” says the young man from Hondrich in Spiez, BE, “the cohesion in the Team mega”. Later, he would like to be a teacher and then a Musical-drama school visit.

Imhof was already seen in 2011 in Thun, “Gotthelf”-own production. In the last few days, especially the heat made him to create. “I got a terrible sunburn.” The fascination of New York, he can understand well. “In 1996 I was there, due to a snow storm we were allowed to stay even longer. The city is a melting pot of cultures, alive and free.” His favorite song in the Musical is “Always the sun”. “In Thun, I will sing it in a duet, so it gets a whole new force and colouring.”