Children’s Aid Afghanistan reports on the partial lifting of the education ban. Foundation founder Erös: “Girls and women are now starting or continuing their training in medical professions.”

According to the German aid organization Children’s Aid Afghanistan, the militant Islamist Taliban have lifted the ban on women’s education in medicine. The founder of the foundation, Reinhard Erös, told the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Thursday edition) that medical students would again have access to universities in Afghanistan. “At the same time, girls and women can now resume or continue their training in medical professions and work as doctors, midwives or nurses,” explained Erös.

The children’s charity intervened in the Kabul Ministry of Health to bring down the “nonsensical” occupational bans, said the Regensburg doctor. The Taliban insist on gender segregation in health care and are therefore dependent on female doctors for care.