For the Queen’s jubilee, ARD made a documentary about Queen Elizabeth II. The most important stations in her life and reign are shown.

Celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th jubilee are coming up in Great Britain. But there is also great interest in the British Queen in Germany. Under the leadership of SWR and RBB, a new documentary has now been created for this special anniversary of the British monarch, each of which depicts a decisive phase in the Queen’s reign, which was characterized by numerous strokes of fate and world events, in six episodes.

The documentation shows a lot of archive material from the past 70 years, which is commented on by contemporary witnesses and interviews with royal experts. Among them are Lady Jane Rayne, maid of honor at the coronation, and Philipp Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg, great-nephew of Prince Philip. Among the experts are historians Jane Ridley and Anna Whitelock, as well as Ed Owens. Wesley Kerr and Hanni Hüsch report from their perspective as correspondents.

The documentation tries not only to show the monarch, but also to draw a picture of the private Elisabeth. The first episode is about the story of getting to know Prince Philip and the wedding of the two. At the time, she had no idea that she would ascend the throne so quickly. The entertaining documentary series uses the example of the life of the Queen to show the changes and deep valleys that the British monarchy has gone through in the last seven decades.

The royal family and Queen Elizabeth have always had to put up with critical questions about the institution, the monarchy and the House of Windsor. One of the biggest crises in the royal family came before the accidental death of Princess Diana, who had given the British royal family the necessary modernity before her sudden death. The reactions around the world, an unprecedented collective grief and the critically eyed behavior of Queen Elizabeth are addressed in episode 4 of the documentary.

Episode 1: Poster Girl: Young Young Elizabeth and her marriage to Prince Phil

Episode 2: Long Live The Queen: Elizabeth surprisingly becomes queen

Episode 3: Annus horribilis: The queen has to cope with affairs, scandals and separations in her family

Episode 4: Crash: Diana dies and a whole country mourns

Episode 5: Broken Dreams: Harry marries and Brexit divides the nation

Episode 6: A Long Goodbye: Harry and Meghan leave, the pandemic starts and Elizabeth mourns the loss of her husband Philip

The creators say they want to go behind the stone walls of the palaces and paint viewers a picture of that life that feels like a “modern day Shakespearean drama”. “[…] It is not my intention to ‘sell’ the queen to the viewers, but rather to present her in the context of her time. And at the same time to dedicate oneself to those people who have undermined or weakened the royal family from within or without, and to ask hard questions about the meaning and the chances of survival of the monarchy. […]”, says the British author and director Claire Walding, who is responsible for the documentary. The documentary succeeded in doing this within the scope of its possibilities and, with its portrayal of Elisabeth and her absolute will to serve the crown, impressively shows the big footsteps Prince Charles will one day follow.

The first shows the documentary “The Queen – Fateful Years of a Queen” on May 30, 2022 at 8:15 p.m. on the first. The individual episodes will be available in the ARD media library from May 26, 2022.

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