The extensive indictment against the four is about nine robberies, three of them rough. In addition, theft, violence, fridomsrøving and attempt robbery. Everything happened in a matter of less than three months last autumn, mainly in the centre of Trondheim.

“Utagerande, grenselaust life”

Both 16-åringane has confessed the one, grove robbed. Here is the image from the overvakingskamera. It shows that the defendant try to take out money from the atm with the card to the NTNU-student Tobias Borthen. He was also cut open with a knife in his face.

Here tempt the defendant to take out money from the atm with a card they have trust.

Photo: surveillance camera/Police

Here to tell him how ranarane went up to him:

You need javascript to play the sound clip “A ransoffer tell”.

The largest sum by one robbery was withdrawing on to them 10 thousand dollars from each card to the computer scientist Roar Fløttum. He is a christian and evangelize in his spare time. The defendant deceived him and said that a friend troubled to become asked for because he was injured in the foot.

To NRK said Fløttum that he believed “his last hour was come” when he was thought back in a bakgard in a half hour. Meanwhile came other of ranarane to the atm and took out money. This robbed a 16-åringane confessed.

Roar Fløttum told in court about the night he was robbed in last year autumn.

Photo: Kari Sørbø

In the judgment, says that the two have lived a “utagerande, grenselaust life”. Lovbrota have the frame random people and the goal was to get money to the rus. In all, there are 14 insult in your case.

the Right frifinner 16-åringane for one of the three rough rana and for a simple robbery. The two insult young people could not know again the defendant on the images they saw in court.

The oldest victim was a woman of 84 years who was on her handbag saying that she had in comfort while she was out and went to ride in the afternoon as at his own house in Stjørdal:

You need javascript to play the sound clip “84 year old woman tell about the theft”.

Theft of jackets for the 20 thousand money is one of the tiltalepunkta the two 16-åringane has acknowledged after videoovervaking from the store.

The two 16-åringane shall a heavier penalty to three years in prison, one year of probation. It means that two years should sonast in prison.

the Prosecutor Kaia Strandjord in the court where the four young stands accused of among other things, aggravated robbery.

Photo: Kari Sørbø / NRK “Jakkebeviset”

The only 18 and over allowed straffskuld for everything, and explained in court that he was not present when the rana came to pass. He is the brother of one of the two 16-åringane.

Sør-Trøndelag don’t think the 18-year-old says he was not present and judge him for one of the five tiltalepunkta – robbed of Fløttum. Here shows the court to what it called the “jakkebeviset”. On mobilbilete and film from overvakingskamera have 18-year-old wearing a jacket that like really the police found him at home with his parents.

About the heist of Fløttum write the court that the 18-year-old “out of Fløttum his desire to help fellow human being.” And that 18-year-old was with on the to “mock Fløttum, that is, a christian evangelist”.

on the other hand, 18-year-old frifunnen for other ransforsøk. The police believed footprints in the snow on the åstaden fit with skoavtrykk from the 18-year-old. Right think it is not proven beyond reasonable doubt that the marks come from the shoe of the defendant.

He was 18 when rana came to pass and, therefore, a heavier penalty as an adult. The south-Trøndelag district court establishes the fengselsstraffa to a year and six months and take into account that the defendant is young.

The fourth and youngest defendant is 15 years old. He admitted early on the two rana he was on and has broken with the environment. The court judgeth him to ungdomsstraff that he must carry out in the course of two years. Child welfare and uteseksjonen in the municipality of Trondheim declared him and the family up, it is referred to in the judgment.

During the trial bad the prosecutor Kaia Strandjord about the five-year prison term, of three years without conditions.

Photo: Kari Sørbø still unclear about soningsforhold after the age of 18 years

All the four accused came to Norway a few years ago. Three of them have a temporary residence permit. In the court of law asked them with the parent who verje. Parents told about the difficulties with getting the children to go to school and whether contact with child welfare to get help.

The two 16-åringane seat is in custody since the beginning of December. In fengslingkjennelsane have the right to write that society must being treated at home special because there is great danger for the new crime if they were set free.

The one have lived in five different institutions. In the judgment, write the court that the defendant” has not shown the ability to adapt to habiliteringa he has got.”

Both he and the other 16-year-old was last year placed in the same institution. Hence, escaped them, and went to Trondheim, where rana came to pass.

Defenders think ungdomsstraff for the defendant is the only right one.

Tore Smell represents one 16-year-old:

– We are satisfied that the court has frifunne my client for five of the tiltalepostane. But is, of course, strongly disagree in that he is sentenced to imprisonment without conditions.

What will happen when the two 16-åringane turns 18, receiveth not the right position to. But write that it will be unfortunate to transfer them to a prison with adults deposit. Both 16-åringane seat is in custody in the juvenile detention center until now.

The defendant is also sentenced to pay compensation for damages on dryge 150 thousand dollars to the many insult in your case.

During the trial bad the prosecutor requested five years in prison, the three years without conditions.

-I am happy with the fact that the court agree with his many prosecution notices in that prison without conditions is tvingande necessary. If we come to appeal, because the court has set down the punishment, we must come back to .

It says the attorney general Kaia Strandjord to the NRK on Thursday afternoon.

Ankesaka is all set in the frostating court of appeal in månadsskiftet June/July.

In several of the ranstilfella are also other suspects or already has it”. Some have traveled out of the country, according to Strandjord.

In all, police recorded about 30 robberies in Trondheim from October to January. There are twice as many as in 2018.