A boy of three years was early Friday morning out of a terrible accident.

He decreased out of a window in his room on the 1. floor of the home in Hjelmsømagle and fell four metres down.

It informs the Middle – and West zealand Police, in its sample daily report.

the Boy landed luckily in a bush – which is supposed to be one of the reasons why he is not getting seriously hurt.

‘The preliminary investigation of the boy shows that he got very lucky from the fall, probably because the sand took some of the fall. He is reported not to have suffered any internal injuries or fractures, but escaped from the accident with scrapes,’ police said.

the Boy was after the accident, flown to the university hospital – and his father, who was very shocked, got psychological first aid by the patrol on the ground.

Surveys from the site has shown that it was managed the boy to open the child protective function in the window. He had climbed up on a stool and further up in the window sill, from which he fell down.

the Police received a notification of the accident at 05:48.