Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix and increased his lead in the world championship. The first room Mercedes was off to the races as in qualifying and in the race. Did not prevent him from even a broken tyre on the last lap. Second and third places were taken by Max Verstappen in Red Bull, and Charles LeClair from Ferrari. Russian rider Alpha Tauri Daniil Kvyat failed to finish the race due to which led to the departure from the road of error.The world Cup 2020 matches while the worst fears of its organizers. It is not so much that the start of the championship due to pandemic coronavirus was delayed for several months, and not that the races are held without spectators. In the end, with such a nuisance to have to put up the organizers of the all important competition. The problem is that superiority does not justify even the most modest hopes for the presence in it of intrigue. Max Verstappen, Charles LeClair, Sebastian Vettel — all of who seem to could throw even a temporary challenge to the hegemony of the Mercedes in General and Lewis Hamilton in particular, were simply helpless before the power of the symbiosis between the German manufacturer and British race car driver. And even consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko made questionable from a sporting point of view, the conversation about what Mercedes would be nice to slow down artificially. Mr. Marco claims that during the time when the “Formula 1” was dominated by Red Bull (from 2010 to 2013, Vettel brought the Austrian team four titles), the international automobile Federation (FIA) has consistently found ways to reduce the benefits of the “bulls”. It seems, however, not too effectively.But it was effectively so that the devastation Hamilton rivals in qualifying. He won with a lead of 0.3 seconds from teammate Valtteri Bottas, who status is not allowed to be faster than the first number of the Mercedes. Verstappen and the Briton lost more than a second! By racing standards is an eternity. After that Hamilton could only secure the advantage, driving distance to at least 95% of its capacity. That was enough, given that the rear of Hamilton reliably covered Bottas. Finn, like the faithful squire was kept close to the leader, but real work on protection against encroachments on his championship, he almost was not — Verstappen already to the middle of the race fell behind by almost 10 seconds, and the lag LeClair was close to 20 seconds.In a situation when the balance of power is obvious and unshakable, the resumption of intrigue contribute to a different kind of surprise. In relation to the race at Silverstone in very handy would be a downpour. But the weather failed. Smaller flaws such as accident, anything not affected. Unfortunately, one of them finished the race Daniil Kvyat. Russian rider Alpha Tauri still early in the race lost control and highestIl car about the bump. That the blame lies with Quate, no doubt. He apologized for the accident the team immediately after the collision.But the competition Hamilton was seemingly supershans: a couple of laps to finish first on the car of Bottas and then Hamilton broke the front left wheel. Verstappen, responding to breakage Finn, dive in for new tyres and eventually jumped to second place (third on the finish line was Leclere). Wait for it quite a bit, and even on old rubber would catch up with Hamilton. But even if this had happened, deserved to the full the victory of the Dutch would call difficult.In the result, Lewis Hamilton, decoylab to the finish line on the torn tire, won already the third victory of the season (at Silverstone he won for the seventh time in his career) and strengthened leadership in the championship. He bottas is now ahead by 30 points, and Verstappen pulled away already on 36 points.Alexander Петров1 (1). Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain, Mercedes) — 1.28:01,283. 2 (3). Max Verstappen (Holland, Red Bull) — backlog 5,856. 3 (4). Charles Leclerc (Monaco, Ferrari) — 18,474. 4 (8). Daniel Ricciardo (Australia, Renault) — 19,650. 5 (5). Lando Norris (Great Britain, McLaren) — 22,277. 6 (9). Esteban Windows (France, Renault) — 26,937. 7 (11). Pierre Went Out (France, Alpha Tauri) — 31,188. 8 (12). Alexander Mirel Albon (Red Bull) — 32,670. 9 (6). Lance Stroll (Canada, Racing Point) — 37,311. 10 (10). Sebastian Vettel (Germany, Ferrari) — 41, 857… (19). Daniil Kvyat (Russia, Alpha Tauri) — not finished.In brackets — position on the starting grid.General зачет1. Hamilton is 88 points. 2. Botas — 58. 3. Verstappen — 52. 4. Norris is 36. 5. Leclere — 33. 6. Mirel Albon — 26. 7. Sergio Perez (Mexico, Racing Point) — 22… 15. Quat — 1.Cup конструкторов1. Mercedes — 121 points. 2. Red Bull — 55. 3. McLaren — 41. 4. Racing Point — 40. 5. Ferrari — 27. 6. Renault — 12. 7. Alpha Tauri — 7.