This measure is contained in the draft plan to rebuild the economy of Russia.

the government as anti-crisis measure is discussed to mitigate the conditions for early retirement. The proposal contained in the plan to rebuild the economy of Russia, which the economic development Ministry submitted to the Cabinet (“news” acquainted with excerpts from the document, current as of may 18, a Federal official confirmed the authenticity).

This will help to maintain employment and the labour market, are confident the authors of the document. In addition, it is planned to increase the minimum size of unemployment benefits — up to 4.5 thousand rubles. The initiative will help to reduce social tensions and will not require large budget expenditures, said the experts.

the economic development Ministry has submitted to the government a working version of the national plan of action on the normalization of business life, to restore employment, incomes and economic growth. To develop a document to the Ministry of economy together with the Ministry of labour and the Ministry of Finance instructed Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the final version should be ready by may 25. A source familiar with the text, stressed that it constantly changes and the final version may differ from the working version. “News” was acquainted with excerpts from the plan, current as of may 18.

So, to support employment, the labour Ministry has proposed to relax the conditions for early retirement. Today, such an option is available to citizens who lost their jobs two years before retirement age, whose insurance period is 20 years for women and 25 for men.

In the working version of the plan for economic recovery, it is proposed that before the end of 2020 to early retirement could qualify citizens who remained not two, but three years before the rest: that is, women aged 53.5 years in men and 58.5 years. Recall that in the 2020 retirement can be women at 56.5 and men at 61.5 year. A condition requiring mandatory work experience of 20 years for women and 25 for men in terms is not given.

however, the document proposes to increase the minimum amount of unemployment benefit up to 4.5 thousand rubles for three months from may 2020 (now it is 1.5 thousand rubles). For the same period it is planned to equate the amount of payments for individual entrepreneurs were forced to cease operation after March 1, to the minimum wage (12,1 thousand). In addition, the plan identifies the development of flexible forms of employment and development online programs retraining and advanced training.

“Izvestia” has sent requests to the government, the Ministry of economic development and Ministry of labor.

Earlier, the President announced several measures to support employment. Among them is the ability to get a soft loan at 0% or the airless pump and over cap��estou a subsidy of the minimum wage on the salaries of employees. However, Vladimir Putin has announced the start of another program in which the business will be able to take the credit under 2% per annum for any purpose. While maintaining employment at 90% compared to the beginning of the crisis, such a loan will be written off along with interest.

the Vast majority of pretensioners work without registration of labour relations due low demand from employers on the age of employees, the analyst said “freedom Finance” Valery Yemelyanov. The unemployment benefit is paid directly from the budget and pension insurance from contributions and transfers FIU. Probably, the government felt it better to distribute the financial burden more evenly between the Fund and the budget, suggested the expert. He also added that the measure bears certain risks.

this big hole in the budget is a new kind of “temporary” pensions will not create: only 40% of pretensioner works officially (it’s just over 1.5 million people), and in addition, the payments will not last long — within six months, stated the expert. According to him, need no more than 130 billion rubles to provide all needing.

the Initiative is contrary to previously adopted measures to reform the pension system, the deficit which the government sought to reduce, increasing the age for relax, categorical group managing Director of the ratings authorities Agency NKR Andrey Piskunov.

in addition, there is a risk that employers during the crisis may start to actively get rid of this category of workers, shifting the responsibility for them to the state. However, in terms of growing unemployment, these payments can reduce social tensions among those who lost as a result of the restrictive measures and the downturn in the economy, said the expert.

In his opinion, taking into account the average pension insurance in the amount of 16.5 thousand rubles, the maximum amount of payments could reach 70 billion in that case, if dismissal without employment opportunities suffered by all the citizens. In fact, however, the scale of the Pension Fund deficit will be less, experts predict.

In the FIU declined to comment on the initiative at the request of “Izvestia”.

With 2019 in Russia launched the pension reform, designed to 2028.

it is Assumed that the released funds will be used to increase the level of payments above the inflation rate.

Ekaterina Vinogradova