Ingredients for Grey-Tatar 200 gRuchbrot20 gSchalotten1 MspKümmel, crushed 2-3 ELOlivenöl salt and pepper from the mill preparation is bread in thin slices and then cut into fine cubes. Easy let dry. Shallots, dice the bread, season to taste. The olive oil and mix well. Briefly, again to taste. If too dry, add a little Oil and mix well. Ingredients for egg-Tatar 4Eier, gekocht1 Federal Schnittlauch2 ELOlivenöl sea salt preparation shell the eggs, egg white and egg yolk separating and separately chop. Chives, cut in fine rings. Egg yolk, egg white and chives, mix gently. The olive oil and season with sea salt. Stir again, but not too strong, because the Tatar must not be mushy. Ingredients for beetroot Tartar 2Randen100 g vegetable brunoise (small dice of carrots and celery)1-2 ELOlivenöl50 gPetersilie, chopped, cut salt and pepper from the mill preparation of Cooked beetroot into small cubes and blanched vegetables brunoise and mix. Season with salt and pepper. Olive oil and parsley, and about 15 minutes in the fridge.Again, season to taste and form small hack tätschli.