Three more countries have identified the first cases coronaviral

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the planet. Until recently, only three European countries could boast no cases of coronavirus: Cyprus, Bulgaria and Malta. But yesterday, the first confirmed case of coronavirus have been identified in Malta – the girl who returned with his parents from Italy. As a child and his whole family were quarantined at home, the government didn’t cancel school or to impose a quarantine on the island.

Today it became known that in Bulgaria the preliminary results of the tests for coronavirus, two men showed positive results. said the head of the national operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of the coronavirus under the government of the Republic of Bulgaria Ventsislav Mataczynski at the briefing. This 27-year-old man and 75-year-old woman. Both patient traveled outside Bulgaria. Police looking for citizens who may have had contact with these patients.

Coronavirus has reached Moldova – a citizen of this country was in Italy, became ill and was hospitalized. However, escaped from the hospital and managed to fly into Moldova before her escape was discovered. the Minister of health, labour and social protection Viorica Dumbraveanu at the meeting of the special Commission under the Ministry convened on Sunday morning, the Prime Minister of Moldova Ion chicu. Now 48-year-old woman is in serious condition, the disease is complicated by hypertension and diabetes.

interior Minister Paul Voicu said that measures have been taken to establish and test all the passengers of the flight from Milan who arrived diseased. 140 passengers 45 people already set up and quarantined. 10 citizens of Ukraine were flying through downtown, transit. Their details handed over to the Ukrainian authorities.

Five cases of infection with the new type of coronavirus identified in Costa Rica, according to the Ministry of health of the country. The first case detected on Friday, March 6. Diseased – 49-year-old American. By Sunday it was already five cases: three citizens of Costa Rica and a couple from the United States. Foreign nationals are isolated and are under medical supervision. The authorities find out who had any contact with the infected.

In the United States from the coronavirus has died a resident of the state of California. To get he could, being on a cruise ship Grand Princess from 11 to 21 February. Originally, the airliner was flying in the Mexican city of Ensenada, but then the company decided to deploy the ship and send it to San Francisco to check passengers and crew members. The ship is at anchor in the ocean, all you need are delivered by helicopters.

the ship was granted permission to enter the port of the American city of Oakland, reports CBS TV channel. Official confirmation of this information yet. Previously, the coronavirus identified from the 21 people on Board, of whom 19 were crew members. On Board there are four Russians, all of them crew members. All aboard the Grand Princess are 3533, including 2422 1111 passengers and crew members, who represent 54 countries.

New cases of coronavirus in Russia on Sunday morning, no, according to CPS. The number of patients with a confirmed diagnosis is still 14 people. Three of them are foreign nationals (two from China, one from Italy), 11 cases of Russians returned from Italy, to be confirmed in the newsletter of the CPS about the situation with coronavirus infection in Russia. The document States that on Saturday the diagnosis was confirmed at once four Russians in Lipetsk and St. Petersburg. A day earlier – on Friday – was revealed six new cases in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

three cases are not included in official statistics: it infected the Russians, who were evacuated from liner Diamond Princess in Kazan. According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of Tatarstan, they feel good and ready to be discharged.