Three flights with Russian tourists from Montenegro sent today

“agreed that 20 March will be made the airlines “Victory” and “Aeroflot” from Montenegro to Russia”, – stated in the message. The Montenegrin authorities have issued Russian airlines permission to fly. Flights scheduled from the airport of Podgorica.

due to the cancellation of flights to Chile are more than 100 tourists from Russia

the planned Departures during the day. While the Embassy has recommended Russian tourists to follow the messages of airlines, as flight times can change.

As previously reported, about 2 thousand Russians could not fly from Montenegro after the introduction of the country’s restrictions on flights from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The authorities had not given permission for the flights.

In the end, the first flight went to Russia from Montenegro on March 19. As explained in the Federal air transport Agency, working jointly with the foreign Ministry to obtain the necessary permits from the aviation authorities of Montenegro, will continue to export to Russia all Russians.

there was also a problem with the removal of the Russians with the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife. This issue is studied, reported TASS with reference to representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, the outflow of Russian tourists from the foreign countries are connected overseas tour operators and travel company. Export flight Russian tourists to Vietnam held on 19 March, local tour operator “Vinpearl trevel Ru” and Vietnam Airlines, told “RG” the representatives of the tour operator. Moreover, tourists who were forced to interrupt the stay, the travel company got the money back in full.

Photo: AP Photo/Carlos Gil In Ukraine the highest death rate from COVID-19, but tests

Vieuxthe Nam has not yet suspended flights, but has introduced a two-week quarantine for all arriving tourists to the country.

Available to travel countries have less. According to the Federal tourism Agency, to prevent further spread of coronavirus infection the entry ban or restrict flights that concern the Russians introduced some 30 countries. Among them are UAE, USA, Morocco, Montenegro and other countries. On March 22 seriously tougher entry into Thailand. Russia has restricted air travel to all EU countries, Norway, Switzerland.

Rostourism recommended to Russians to refrain from trips abroad.