Judge for yourself: last year it was revealed 298 thousand drivers in a drunken state. Another 169 thousand refused the medical examination. In 2018 in the hands of the inspectors caught 335,5 thousand drunk drivers. Nearly 185 thousand refused to go to the psychiatrist.

Recall that for repeated driving while intoxicated or repeated refusal from medical examination the driver faces criminal liability under article 264.1 of the Criminal code. Such violation is punishable by a fine in the amount from 200 thousand to 300 thousand roubles, or obligatory works for the term up to 480 hours, or compulsory works for a term of up to two years, or by deprivation of liberty for a term up to two years.

And all of this with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for a term up to three years. But it seems not all fans take on the breast to tone or other drugs stops it.

As the correspondent “RG” in the past year in Russia was revealed more than 100 people, more than five times prosecuted for DUI.

For comparison: in September of last year the Deputy chief of traffic police of the MIA of Russia Alexander Bykov said that for eighteen years was identified 772 thousand facts of management with signs of intoxication. However, only 43 of the driver was late four times in this state, and only one to six times.

But 100 people more than five times at the end of one year is already too much. And this despite the fact that the criminal code is running.

that criminal art works can be judged by the statistics of the Judicial Department at the Supreme court. In the past year for repeated DUI, or refusal of medical examination convicted of more than 59,5 thousand. A year earlier there were more than 66 thousand.

According to the same data we can say that the courts have become tougher to treat such violators. If in 2018, real terms got almost 7 thousand people, last year – already more than 8 thousand. However, the difference in this thousand can touch the very fringe, who, even after conviction, continue to drive drunk.

the fact that our court is extremely humane. The absolute majority of such offenders is finished with obligatory works, deprivation of the right of management. That does not limit them from opportunities to repeat the feat.

Perhaps the only effective measure to remove from the road such like to drive under the influence of drinks and contraindicated drugs is to leave them without a car.

And the proposal for confiscation of the vehicle have already been submitted to the Duma. But the project never took place. The thing is that the car may be owned by totally different person, a drunk driver uses a car for ��of uverennosti.

However, the draft of the new Code of administrative offences, an article appeared, which provides for the confiscation of the vehicle in the state in that case, if the offender manages it by proxy.

Explain: it is assumed that the article 264.1 of the criminal code you will see such a sanction as confiscation of the vehicle. And it will operate in respect of the offender – the owner of the car.

And the owner, who handed over control to the driver, punished for driving drunk, take away the car for a new article 34.34 new Cao for the “failure of the owner of a vehicle of action for the elimination of the Commission by another person of a crime under article 264.1 of the criminal code, with the use of this vehicle.”

for Example, a driver was caught drunk behind the wheel of another car. Did he lose his license, imposed a fine, and the owner of the car sent a copy of the decision. If after that drunk driver once again gets behind the wheel of this car, it will judge under article 264.1 of the criminal code, and the owner confiscated the car 34.34 article of the administrative code.

it is Worth mentioning that the driver is punished within a year after his departure. That is, if he returned to the right and he in the year after that again caught drunk driving, he will be tried under article 264.1 of the criminal code as for a repeated violation. And the owner of the car, who entrusted him with the management, will remain without a car for administrative article.

This really will be an effective measure against those most marginalized, who are sober behind the wheel do not sit down out of principle and are not concerned about criminal liability for such an act. No car – no crime.

by the Way, because of drunk drivers over the 7 months of this year occurred 7584 accident. It’s every tenth accident. They died 1797 people.

At the same time it is an accident with drunk drivers has the highest severity of consequences. If the national average we have the severity of accidents equal to 7, then in the case of drunk drivers – 17. The severity of the consequences is the ratio of killed to affected. Roughly speaking, the average of accidents of every 100 victims will survive 93 people. And the accident with the drunk driver 83.

If we have a repeat DUI, is a crime, then why not confiscate the weapon?