In brussels Last night there was a fire that raged in the practice of veterinary Jan Verbeke in the Begoniastraat. This had three cats, including those of the veterinarian, and the life. As for the office of the veterinarian in an empty bus, gas has been found, it appears that the fire was lit. “This has had a much worse time,” said the afflicted vet.

fri night was a veterinary surgeon by Jan Verbeke’s about a half rung up by the police. “They reported to me that a fire was in my cabinet at the Begoniastraat” would be a failed Verbeke’s story, she had immediately started to extinguish the fire, but the damage had already been very great.” It was, however, not to damage. The three kittens that were dropped in the event of fire. One of them was the cat in the Verbeke himself. It was, however, the devastation is even worse, can be. “If there is no coronacrisis that there are 12 animals to have lived. There were only three cats in the household. It would be even worse to have been,” said the vet. In addition, there is the practice of an apartment in which more than 300 people live there. “Where is the fire, and there was a skip, it was really a catastrophe has been,” says Verbeke added.