“traitor. Bitch. Hooker. Son of a bitch. Who pays you? Why are you dragging us in the Mud? Who do you work for?”

Admittedly, my article “Till murder do us part” I received a lot of “Feedback”. In Sunday’s view from last week, I had made the Albanian customary law, the so-called Kanun, for the widespread and accepted violence against women in the Albanian Community is responsible. The Kanun allowed the man to do in dealing with his wife and what he wants.

My article would have been able to initiate a debate – a debate that urgently needs to be conducted. Instead, I was insulted viciously, and threatened.
A question popped up in the news and comments on Social Media again and again: “do you even Have a father?!” Because: As I had already mentioned in my article, falls back according to the Albanian customary law the blame for the “misbehavior” of a woman always on their parents.

in other words: My father want me to keep me in check or call – in my work as a journalist.
Who believes that I have complained to receive vaccinations and aggressive comments just a couple of will o ‘ the wisp the Wüterichen, I have to disappoint you. There were highly respected and supposedly well-built men who had lost on Linkedin is the composure. A chief physician at the cantonal hospital of Lucerne about claiming The house, Ringier, in the Sunday view appears to stimulate the “Bashing” against Albanians. You have selected explicitly, writes a HSG graduate.

Who was not scolding, let me know, I would have interpreted the Kanun from ignorance, wrong “”. Only: It is a fact that to beat some of the men from this Tradition, the right to take their women or to kill at all. About it there is plenty of studies.
so, We could start with an enlightened debate. Without name-calling and conspiracy theories.
Thank you in advance.