The new health insurance premiums flutter until the end of October into the house. So it’s time to switch the cash register, if you want to save on premiums.

But be careful: A change to a different Fund with a legally clean notice. First of all, the exposure, such as premiums, need to investments, default interest or Enforcement Costs in the old Fund to be paid. Secondly, the notice period must be adhered to. Only then will the new Fund must absorb an Insured.

in order to avoid that it is insured in the basic insurance double-or even triple–, and thus the premium account is much higher.

thousands are doubly insured reason,

So much for the theory. Because the practice is different. So in 2017 there were “a few Thousand Insured in a double insurance situation.” This, the Federal Council writes in response to an Interpellation of SP-national councillor Bea home (73,).

How could it come in spite of the ban so far, is unclear. “Apparently, the communication between the health insurance does not always work,” says Claudia or Matt (40), lawyer at Caritas-Switzerland-specialist Agency for debt advice. She is repeatedly confronted with cases of double-base insured.

vicious circle

“double insurance is not a marginal phenomenon,” says Odermatt. “Who lands in us, is usually in a vicious circle. The premiums are not paid, soon any debt enforcements and the debts accumulate more.”

Some people would only find after years of help. “Then the premiums mountain of debt is not uncommon in the thousands of francs,” or Matt. “In addition, entries in the registry will complicate the housing and job search.”

recognized the Problem, follow the part “a lengthy procedure with the health insurance funds until the requested wrong bearing in premiums, fees and collection costs are paid back”.

Green-count makes pressure

Ask not just why the Affected people themselves to intervene earlier. “Many debtors are simply overwhelmed or don’t realize your Situation at all. In others, an intermediary in the game that have not done their job properly,” says Odermatt.

Caritas urges, therefore, that the health insurance companies to improve the exchange of information. But also that the legal basis will be tightened to prevent double insurance. “It’s conceivable, for example, a key would be insured register, or fines for insurance companies that do not provide for the exchange of information,” or Matt.

Political pressure makes Green national councillor Maya Graf (57, BL). She has tabled in the autumn session, a Motion in which they requested from the Federal Council, the law so that “no one two or more mandatory sick complete care insurance for the same or overlapping period”.

health insurance companies want insurers to better exchange of data

Also, the health insurance companies are not happy with the Situation: “For the health insurers create double insurance, a major bureaucratic effort,” says Manuel Ackermann (45) of Santésuisse, the Association of Swiss sick. Because it was always the older Insurance policy have precedence, had to be handled in the new, which is very expensive. “Insurers are keen to avoid such situations, because it is in favor of the premium payer money can be saved.”

That there are still cases of double insurance, is often the result of form error. It is, however, that Insured would be traveling without a proper logout for a longer period of time abroad. “This must be insured by law, continue to come back – possibly in another Canton and log in to another insurer,” says Ackermann.

Also, Santésuisse identifies a need, therefore, for action. “We have repeatedly encouraged more transparency and a better exchange of data with the cantons and municipalities, so that the Problem of double insurance may be efficiently addressed,” says Ackermann.

the Association of thinking, in particular, to an improved electronic data compensation between the cantons and health insurers. Two initiatives approved by the national Council already.