Helena D.* is the mouth not prohibit. “It may not be that I have nothing, will quit as a motivated employee than someone who pushed Overtime, so to me nothing out of it,” she says in an interview with LOOK. For the 29-year-old single mother of two children and breaks at the 29. May 2019 the world together.

Helena D., who toils for nearly 4300 francs a month for four years as a Verpackerin and coordinator at billion group rooms Biomet in Winterthur, ZH, is quoted on the Wednesday to the meeting room. There is the supervisor open to her, that it is better for all Concerned would be, the employment relationship terminate.

a Letter, of the present VIEW, show, voted, according to the rooms Biomet “setting, Motivation, performance and confidence for a long time”. For the young woman that was only a pretext to get rid of them: “We were constantly put under pressure to work even faster and push even more special layers.” However, you have to fight back. “I told my superiors that I was a single mother, and more planning security need.”

hair sträubendes work environment

According to another employee, who worked as Helena D. at Zimmer Biomet and unrecognized, to remain, were even threats on the agenda. There would be enough Applicants, which would make the Job less pay. “Don’t forget, you work for your food!”, shouted at us, the supervisor, says the woman in conversation with a VIEW.

This is a dependency pattern is widely used. Christa Binswanger, Gender lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, says: “employers are looking for simple Jobs are often women, because they assume that these are demanding better and less.”

to get thrown out of Helena D. earned their bread in the division Finish. There they are Packed in shift work under sterile conditions, the knee, hip and shoulder implants as well as plates and screws for bone fracture treatment.

False promises

Quickly, Helena D. rises to the coordinator. “I was proud to take over the coordination of the team.” However, a new contract, although Helena D. now pushing the longer layers. Then she gets pregnant. “I gave up in the eighth month of my pregnancy, everything.” The new Treaty, as coordinator for the 29 does not receive a-Year-old also at the time of their return from maternity leave.

Not only the: Helena D. will again be downgraded. The Job as coordinator of a man receives. “I was destroyed on the ground, lay awake all night long.” Helena D. feels betrayed, seeks help from a psychologist. Diagnosis: partial incapacity to work. It is also the day that you open the superiors that you must go.

The Trick of Zimmer Biomet: The superiors were Helena D. a termination agreement, under the nose. You would write this under, threatened the supervisor with the notice of termination. What didn’t know Helena D.: Because she was on sick leave, would have been a dismissal is null and void. “They told me it was better if I say sign the contract, otherwise I would have nothing”, Helena D. “they kicked me out just because I opened the mouth.”

rooms Biomet praised improvements

as Helena D. thousands of women in precarious work conditions. Many of them are migrants, poorly qualified Swiss citizens or single mothers. The observed, Florian Keller (36) of the trade Union Unia: “These workers have no choice but to do this Job.” That is exactly what the companies were. “The women do not know their rights, to be massively put under pressure until they break,” says Keller.

rooms Biomet does not want to comment on the ongoing procedures by Helena D. The company stresses, however, that threats “may be of any Stripe never part of communication with employees”.

at the same time promises Biomet: “your note, we take the occasion to look into the Department referred to the conversation with the appropriate colleagues, and to initiate, if necessary, appropriate additional measures.”

* the Name has been changed