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Municipality in the gudbrandsdal valley was early one of the hardest hit by the koronaviruset in Norway. Every sixth citizen was in quarantine, now waiting the last five Sel-villages to be had.

And it has not come by itself. Kommunalsjef in Sel municipality, the Irishman Ramsøy, characterizing it as a very tough experience.

– Many have worked around the clock, and we have adopted measures that have begrensa people’s freedom is powerful, ” she says.

– Let us on a very strict line

the Infection came surprisingly early to the municipality, and was therefore spread out before one was aware that the virus had reached the North of the gudbrandsdal valley. The first positive tests came 5. march. They were after each track to travel abroad. Even though the authorities then knew little about the extent to which this was to get the municipality was an early adopter with strict measures.

STRING: Kommunalsjef in Sel municipality, the Irishman Ramsøy, says that they have been more stringent than many others.

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– We suspected early on that the virus infected a lot sooner than you believed, and therefore introduced we expanded quarantine added and the vestiges suffering back 48 hours before the who was suffering myself got symptoms. It meant that very many came in quarantine, ” says Ramsøy.

She says that can be ignored also showed that the virus did not require close contact between people to spread.

– They had been in the same circle, in the same room. or at the same social event. They were exposed to the virus without contact. Therefore, we chose to follow the precautionary principle, which meant that, among other things, whole school classes and individuals who took part in the same festive team was put in quarantine, in case it turned out that one was suffering.

– This is not over,

But Seals are not complacent. Koronaviruset is not overcome. We therefore encourage Ramsøy all to take exactly the same precautions as before.

– We find that we have fewer sykdomstilfeller, but we have enough infection around the us that are not discovered or dealt with. We have not completely track and we must prepare ourselves for the worst, ” says Ramsøy.

Why does she see no reason to believe that it is all over.

– We have succeeded in turning down the first outbreak. Now we have, in common with the whole country, be prepared on the top as can be here in a few weeks. So this is maybe just a break, ” says Ramsøy.

None in the municipality have been hospitalized or been so sick that it has been a danger for life. But Ramsøy is worried about what can wait.

– We are in a region where we have many in risikogruppa, this is still a serious situation, ” she says.

Keep your distance

All 36 residents in the municipality are confirmed suffering from the virus. One of them is Lars Blekastad from the city centre Otta.

– I got the virus by a colleague. We were at a meeting. When both I and another colleague suffering, ” he says.

Blekastad is now declared healthy but still notice that people keep themselves at a good distance.

– I feel that people are a bit afraid of me, and think I may infect them still. Many speculate enough on how I have been suffering. However, according to the kommunelegen that has had me, so I’m no risk now, ” he says.

Different sykdomsforløp in the family

Since he had stayed in the vicinity of the one that was confirmed suffering from the virus as was both he and her partner and the two children tested. It showed that all four were suffering.

– the Disease struck very different. I felt I had a mild flu with fever for a few days, I was susete in your head and relax. My partner had it harder with fever for nine days, and the children had a mellomvariant.

Blekastad think almost not possible to have korona milder than what he had.

– I think the others in the family think it was a bit unfair that I escaped so cheap away, I had been suffering them, ” he says.

Open about suffering

once I was confirmed positive, he told openly about the suffering on Facebook.

– When was it okay for the other people who had met me, they got to know why we were in quarantine and they could look after their own symptoms. It is important to have transparency around this to combat the disease, ” says Blekastad.

He and his family can enjoy being healthy, so almost all of the sick in the verstingkommunen Seals now also.

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