For several hundred tenants in a block of flats in Munich, but it gets even thicker: you will be turned off in the next two weeks intermittently in the water.

tenants to self

help “I thought at first that this is a bad joke,” says Christian S. in an interview with FOCUS Online. The 48-Year-old lives with his wife and daughter in the affected apartment house in the district of Riem. As he brings on Saturday morning, as usual, out the garbage, him, in the stairwell, a blue notice Board in the eye: “Urgent Cold – and hot-water block – NO WATER!”, it is the fact.

a total Of seven days, in the coming two weeks the water is turned off in S.’s house, each between about 8.30 am and about 14 PM. Water taps, washing machine, shower, toilet – all of this can take advantage of the residents in this time, then. To self-help and on the eve of their bathtubs fill – to “supply for toilet, cooking water, cosmetics and a coffee machine”, as it is write in the information.

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“I’m really Worried”

“I think the approach in these times is irresponsible,” says Christian S. The date for the “urgent repair work” is, in his opinion, for another reason conceivable unfavorably selected. Many of the approximately 250 tenants in the house are senior or four – or five-member families who are struggling in the face of far-reaching restrictions already to. “I’m really concerned, as these people the next weeks to cope with.”

Because the property management has informed the residents that only yesterday, shortly before the entry into force of the output restrictions, fears of the father of a family, many residents are still not aware of the measure and therefore not prepared. “We can call friends and us 20 litres of mineral water bring. But what of the older neighbors, who have no supplies to make?“

property management will not respond

actively and 48 can help-Year-old, however. Because his wife Infected had contact with Corona, it is considered as a suspected case. The entire family is since Monday in quarantine. “We have not left since then, the house and wait for the result of the test,” says S. the location. He and many of his neighbors have tried to reach the house management and to provide for the speech – without success. “No one has answered.”

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