Travel to Any passenger who arrives at the Brussels Airport, which is given in a letter of instructions. He or she will have fourteen days in thuisquarantaine.

The federal government has decided that every arriving passenger as of Wednesday, the 25th of march, an information leaflet should be given when applicable in Belgium, social distancing rules, and that the medical advice given to each person who comes to give himself a 14-day home quarantine. Brussels Airport and are willing to help them, and is responsible for the proper implementation of this,” said the spokeswoman for the airport.

“a neighbor”, in which the passenger is going to pick up at the airport, which is subject to the same terms and conditions”, as stated in the instructions. So if you have a family member with a home elevator must be 14 days in solitary confinement.

are Also new to the airport, and that passengers arriving from Italy or Spain, coming now along the Pier B would need to pass through. This is the entrance where passengers from non-Schengen countries arrive and where, therefore, a passport is in force. Foreign nationals who have no valid reason to do so in order for our country to be returned to the sender.

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