Thomas Sorensen is trained to help sick people. But he also had other compelling reasons to volunteer for the extensive coronaberedskab, as both the government and the regions calls on healthcare professionals to to sign up for.

“I hope that I can relieve some of my colleagues,” he says, and continues:

“Health care is indeed hard pressed in advance. Even without corona, so there is a lack of nurses and hard savings. Now it comes here, so even on top of,” says the 38-year-old nurse.

For daily work Thomas Sørensen in psychiatry. An area of health care, in advance also is the pressure.

“I would probably not be able to be so effective in a somatic department, which the nurses already there. But the medical staff are very infected in other countries, and I have the basic, I can draw on,” he says.

“It may also be that I am not being called to take me by the coronapatienter, but maybe something else, as some have been removed from the. I simply don’t know what it can be yet,” says Thomas.

He is not afraid of being infected, even though the thought of course has occurred to him.

“Aaah, I will not say that I’m nervous. Unfortunately, I think that many danes are going to get it. And should it happen, then I hope that I can clear it by putting me at home a couple of weeks,” he says, and continues:

“There is always a risk. Such is life, yes. You can also be run down in the morning. It can not go and think about,” he says.

Thomas explains that he has a little more elastic in their lives, so he can assume the volunteer work. It is one of the reasons that he was not in doubt that he should sign up.

“I don’t have a wife and children at home. It makes it a little easier to be available. It also makes that I don’t need to worry so much about others than myself, if I become infected. I can isolate myself at home for some weeks, if I get infected,” he says.

“I haven’t actually really said anything to anyone about it. Perhaps, my mother would ask me, whether it was a good idea. But how to be mom enough to just be,” says Thomas and laughs a little.

“It does not actually mean very much. It is the politicians who are to blame in that our health services have been cut to the bone,” he says, and continues:

“Actually, I think that the praise rings a bit hollow.”

All the five regions have established special job banks that you can sign up for, if you have any medical background.

emergency Preparedness need to create extra capacity in the health service in the case of a very high number of infected danes, and a high number of the sick, doctors, nurses and other groups in the health service.