Thomas Gottschalk (68) burst into his radio show the collar. For the first Time since the confirmation of the divorce from wife Thea (73) expressed the Moderator to the end of his long marriage. “I’m fine,” the TV man on Sunday evening on “Bayern 1”. The headlines to put Gottschalk but apparently.

“Makes you please don’t Worry”

He etched: “No audience is close to my heart as the one that is listening on the Radio. The readers of any women Newspapers, which is really fucked up past, and what is because all you need to read at the Moment,” said the Moderator. “It is half true, the other half is true, however. Makes you please don’t Worry.”

The “Wetten, dass..?”-Star said in his broadcast that he did not know, “what in life is right and what is wrong”. “You try, we go our way and be older,” says Gottschalk. Then he announced the Song “The Waves At Night” by Phosphorescent, and said: “in our age we hear in between, like romantic music.”

Only three weeks ago, the Gottschalks, confirmed through her lawyer, the separation, after forty years of marriage. Together, the two grown-up sons. (kad)