eyes he has only for you: Karina Mross (57) is the new wife of Thomas Gottschalk (69) page. The attention he gives his sweetheart a napkin, his long legs touching gently her knee. The well-known entertainers visited on Saturday evening, the Party of a friend, the entrepreneur, was celebrated in a Villa with a spacious Park on the shores of lake Zurich. In the casual Look Gottschalk mingled among the illustrious guests, served in a generous buffet, and enjoyed undisturbed the balmy summer evening.

New love after 40 years of scandal-free marriage

in March announced Gottschalk, the separation from his wife Thea (73). The two were considered the dream couple of the show industry and led for over 40 years a scandal-free marriage. A year ago, the Entertainer showed up at official events on Thea’s side.

According to the official separation the way for the new luck: Proud Gottschalk shows now with Karina Mross – at official occasions. A sign of how seriously it seems to be the TV man with the relationship.

move to Switzerland?

shortly before the visit in Zurich, the new dream was a couple on the road together: Thursday evening on the red carpet at the film festival in Munich (D). There, too, Gottschalk showed a charming and casual – before he answered the press with a few questions, he said goodbye to his girlfriend, gallant kiss on the Hand.

Mross remained, meanwhile, discreetly a few steps in the Background. A lot is on the blonde, who is said to have a certain Similarity with Thea, is not known. She has an adult daughter and works as a Controller for TV-projects at SWR in Baden-Baden (D). Gottschalk has since his return from Malibu (United States) is an apartment in Berlin. The Couple should look after the shared Home. Maybe even in Switzerland?