“Condor receives the operation of the aircraft upright,” said the airline in the late Sunday evening on the messaging service Twitter. From Condor circles was reported in the night, with the German government will negotiate a bridging loan.

The mother of the group was, meanwhile, further in the struggle for Survival. The British travel group Thomas Cook is trying a impending avert Bankruptcy, which would be around hit 600’000 tourists. After discussions with banks, creditors, and the government in London the group wanted to advise on Sunday evening about whether a rescue of the oldest tourism group in the world to succeed.

hotel keep holiday makers “hostage,”

hotel guests literally “hostage” – even though the tourists have paid for their holiday already! As hotel Manager in fear that you get from failing tour operator no more money. Guests are included in Hotels, motorised safety of people driving on the beach patrols. So that the vacationers can not escape. Also in Hotel Les Oranges in Tunisia – a VIEW reported:

“A guy from Ireland tried to talk with the security forces, said that he wants to go home, just wants to go home,” said British holidaymakers Ryan Farmer of the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. “Can you let us out? You looked at him, laughed, and keep the gates closed. Four security forces closed the gates. I would describe it as a hostage,” said a Farmer to the newspaper.

Succeed in the rescue?

were missing around 200 million pounds. The British foreign Minister, Dominic Raab said it was an emergency, would prepare plans to stranded holidaymakers back home. A total of around 600’000 tourists are currently on holiday.

The was founded in 1841 and tour operator Thomas Cook, operates Hotels, vacation resorts, Airlines, and organized cruises. Of the 105 flight 58 for the German holiday airline Condor tools in the group fly. Worldwide, Thomas Cook has around 21’000 employees in 16 countries.

banks require, in addition to an already negotiated a 900 million pound (just under one billion euros) heavy rescue package of £ 200 million. Thomas Cook should be able to the money is not available, might need to apply for the group for the protection of creditors. (kes/SDA)