Living room. The coronacrisis will be a lot of people this summer will not be required to take a holiday in their own country, or in the garden. Miche and Joost have been a big fan of staycations and support in their own community is set in a Scandinavian style. In the Kempen nature around it is just as beautiful and inspiring.

even Though she is in ravel’s grew up and still live in, were aware of Miche, and Joost is not the reality of the chalet is finished. Until 2017, she was a well-kept secret in front of them, but when they are in the house found out, they were in love at first sight. “We wanted to make an investment to do what we could to enjoy a holiday home in what seemed to be perfect,” says Miche.

The majority of people are opting for the sunny south, but we’re not a big traveller. We prefer to stay close to you, as also in Belgium, there is a lot to explore, and there’s a lot of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Even in his own church. You usually do not have the time to get out and about, except during the holidays. That’s why we thought it would be good to have a second home purchase in the same community as our primary place of residence.”

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