Today, the two sites (from N.Lyadov to Sylva and Sylva to Trinity) ready, reception was held at the end of July. The contractor replaced the asphalt rolled curb, installed lighting, installed new stops and entrances to them.

work is Now under way at several sites. Contractor “the Phoenix group” setting in order the roads of the City dump-Zebrei and Nyashino-Eastern bypass.

repair of a site from a City dump to Jebreel – awaited event for locals and vacationers. Repair of the road leading to Zhebrei, was divided into four stages – the stage of annually.

According to the head of Management improvement of the Perm area Sergey Frolov, it leads to the coast of Sylva, where the summer come vacationers and vacationers. – Road traffic through towns Zhebrei, Lesouchastok, Simoni, increases in the summer several times. It is also near the ski complex “Zhebrei”, base of rest, – adds the expert.

the Plot is set in order for the national project, will complete a four-year road repair. It is divided into four small cut. Two of them are ready on the third working machinery, laid fresh asphalt. After workers move on the last, fourth, section. There already removed the old finish.

Object repair comprehensively: in addition to laying of new asphalt with a thickness of four centimeters, greenhouse, conventions, curb, humps and sidewalks, renovation of the depths (drainage and installation of the underlying layers) and stopping pockets, install new lighting poles with led lamps. According to Sergei Frolov, the most difficult and important task for the contractor was to strengthen the slopes of the embankment of the dam before the village of Lesouchastok. “The way this place was constantly tapped, was washed in the stream, the asphalt was destroyed. Now this will not happen”, – adds the expert.

Another object, where work has already started, is located in the heart of the village Nyashino and stretches to the Eastern bypass. The length of the new asphalt will be 1.8 kilometers. There is already milled old pavement will soon begin laying the top layer. The contractor will repair the spot together with access pockets to the mains will connect five new lighting poles with led lamps. Near the village Nyashino will be a new sidewalk.

According to the contract both road object needs to be commissioned before 20 August.

As noted in the Ministry of transport in the Kama region, in 2020 the national project in Perm city Metropolitan area will be renovated 55 road projects, 20 of them by saving from tender procedures. Repair of road objects in the framework of the national project BCAD is on personal control of the head of the region Dmitry Makhonina.