For optimism there are three reasons. About them “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, said Sergey Drozdov, the analyst CC “FINAM”

– Despite the fact that start of week was marked by further weakening of the ruble on Tuesday, the Russian currency managed to win back some previously lost positions against the dollar and the Euro. And she – does not preclude the analyst – there are chances to continue this movement.

there are several reasons. First, investors are waiting for the next stimulus package for the American economy. However, while Republicans and Democrats a few weeks can not come to a consensus and continue heated debates about aid volumes. But on Monday Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in an interview with CNBC said that the White house and Congress can reach agreement this week.

second, a keen interest for markets are scheduled for August 15 the us-China negotiations. The aim of monitoring the observance of previously signed trade agreements in 2019 was one of the main stimuli for financial markets.

third, support the rouble have rising oil prices. On Tuesday they again exceeded $ 45 per barrel. The growth of prices on black gold is heated published data from oilfield services company Baker Hughes. Its analysts say that on the seventh of August, the decline in the number of active oil rigs in the United States set a new record of the week.

This news warmed the statement of the head of the Saudi oil company, Saudi Aramco Nasser Amin that demand for crude oil in Asia are almost back to “decolonializing” level. Assessment of Nasser, now the demand is about 90 million barrels per day. And, according to his forecast, by the end of this year, the demand can reach the level of 95-96 million barrels per day.

Given all this, it can be expected that the rest of the week will be decided the question of whether the Russian currency to find the strength to get through the level 72 and go in the July corridor 70,50-72,30 against the dollar.

in the meantime, the pair dollar/ruble is very close to the lower boundary formed in early August range 72,60-74,68.