When you buy a selveierbolig you must also pay 2.5 per cent of the accommodation costs in stamp duty to the state.

the State’s income increases in line with the prices of housing. Most lend money to housing and fee. Money that is paid back with interest.

Affects the young

This is a little wise way of taxing housing, ” says Christian Vammervold Dreyer. He was the head of the Estate in Norway until the end of the year, and has long experience from boligbransjen.

Unsociable tax, believes Christian Vammervold Dreyer, who was the managing director of the trade association the Property of Norway until the end of the year.

Photo: Beate Riiser / NRK

– Flytteskatten to be paid in the most critical period in the lives of the people, when they buy and sell property. It affects especially the young between 20 and 40 years, who move most often.

Property Norway describes the fee as an unfair and unsociable tax, and believe it should be removed, or adjusted down. Without the need to go beyond revenue to the state.

– But this requires restructuring of the entire boligbeskatningen, ” says Dreyer.

Have not touched the

None of the parties in Parliament has been changed the fee. It is the treasure of valuable.

the Charge was introduced in the 70’s to simplify the rules. Dokumentavgiften replaced the 300-year-old stamp duty.

In 1977, considered the state to serve 135 million.
In 2020 expect the government to make 10,8 billion.

It goes like out of the boligannonsene what the state should have in stamp duty if the dwelling is sold for the asking price.

Also the Christian democratic Party, the Red and Socialist Left party points out that the dokumentavgiften hit people at an unfortunate time in your life. By changing the boligbeskatningen believes the parties in the state will be able to earn as much as on the dokumentavgiften alone. SV suggested in the fall to change the fee to 1.5 per cent.

the Progress party is opposed to the fee, and together with the Left Sector, they wanted to remove it before they came to power. The right has since chosen to rather cut in other taxes.

But no matter which parties have been in power have not the fee has been changed.

at the same time, Norway an increasing number of inhabitants to have a place to stay. And we move more often. Meanwhile, rising house prices. the

Voted down

Several professionals have suggested to change the tax on housing.

In 2002, so a variety of possibilities to change the tax to stay. The idea was that dokumentavgiften could be removed gradually. At the same time treasure on the eierboliger increase, and the tax could be made equal for both ownership and rental housing.

soon after, this tax proposed discontinued in a report on boligpolitikken.

A skatteutvalg suggested at the same time that the tax also would apply andelsleiligheter.

Since 1977 the sum the state has counted on to serve on the fee has increased by over 1500 percent. Even in today’s dollar value. The prices of goods and services have the same years increased around 385 per cent.

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the State go into the billions on a reviled tax