Altai Krai was one of the first in the country began to take a rest after restrictions. But vacationers are currently available only resorts with medical licenses. And in the Krasnodar region opened almost all the sanatoriums, rest houses, hotels. And cancelled the resort fee.

every day on Kuban more and more visitors. And after the treatments, they also have something to do. In “the green heart of the resort” Park “arboretum” in Sochi – about two thousand species of plants. Now it’s time to enjoy the “porcelain” Magnolia. There are the real wonders of nature: “wine”, “Tulip” and “Lily of the valley” trees, rare wild orchids. A relic wood of the yew & boxwood groves will take you thousands of years ago.

you Can go for a walk in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana. For example, in the Park of the waterfalls “Mandelia” on the southern slope of the Aibga ridge. This favorite tourist route takes about 4.5 hours.

And on the way to the mountains you can drop in the “Skypark”, the main feature which is one of the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridges, stretching nearly half a kilometer above the Mzymta river at a height of 207 meters. Pass on it – has a reason to tell your grandchildren about your courage. You should definitely go in Solokhaul – home Russian tea. The path from the center of Sochi lasts less than an hour. During this time, each turn of the track will open a lot of stunning views.

Not inferior to Sochi, Altai Belokurikha. Before lunch, the campers day is painted on minutes: the appointment procedure, rest. And after dinner you can go to the mountains – the famous Church or to the foot of the rocks Four brothers and the Gates of desire. Altaians call them places of Power, which I grant wishes. The Church part of the way better to overcome on the lift – it’s quicker and more interesting. With a bird’s eye wonderful view.

the Unforgettable memories will remain from the St. Andrew settlement – Museum under the open sky, recreating the atmosphere of the Siberian settlement of the XIX century. You can go to the house of the healer to visit the distillery to see how to bake bread in the Russian oven, and to taste the dishes of Russian cuisine. And in the Belokurikha is to see women Smith Anna Biletsky. On a farmstead she placed the Museum of smithery. And conducts master classes for tourists for forging.

One of the tourist gems of Tatarstan Museum-reserve “Ostrov-grad Sviyazhsk” – comes to life after quarantine. There’s a new weekend tour “Weekend in Sviyazhsk”. It is almost four times cheaper than the “wild” journey.

Sviyazhsk is situated at the confluence of three rivers: the Volga, the Sviyaga and the Shuka. In a small area (square – km, 600 m) over a dozen monuments and six museums. When tourists first see his silhouette with onion-domed churches, I think of the island of Buyan from “the Tale of Tsar Saltan” by Pushkin. You can reach it by buses and cars as Sviyazhsk is connected to the mainland by a Causeway. And can be on the water.

the Main attraction of the island – Sviyazhsk bogoroditskiy men’s monastery of the XVI century. His Cathedral of the assumption was recently included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. It is unique with murals, especially the image of St. Christopher with a horse’s head. Such a face you will not see anywhere else. But the most magnificent temple of Sviyazhsk, in honor of the mother of God “joy of All who sorrow”, almost copies of St. Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople.

the island is and the only in Russia Museum of archaeological wood. There are interesting Civil war Museum. As acknowledged by Trotsky in his memoirs: “the fate of the revolution was decided at Sviyazhsk”.

However, even if you are a connoisseur of churches and indifferent to museums, Sviyazhsk will fascinate you with picturesque views. Here you can taste fish soup of freshly caught fish, eat delicious lush fritters, which are fried in front of your eyes, the sisters Sophia and Olga. And, of course, where no sviazhsky cats! How many of them, no one knows for sure, but certainly no less than people (population about 250). The reserve is seriously thinking for them to build a cat house. Who knows, maybe a new attraction in Sviyazhsk will be this summer.

In the Omsk region breeds the world’s northernmost colony of pelicans. In bol’sherech’ye is the country’s only village zoo. And yet – there is a remote Siberian village Okunevo, which became a place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

About her wonderful energy legends. And the writers and scientists are seriously called Okunevo “ark” that will save humanity in the era of natural disasters. Here are the famous five lakes, a dip in which, according to legends, it is possible to acquire eternal youth. To heal sicknesses, and to develop their full potential.

In 1991 a new life in a forgotten village in four streets brought Rasma Rozitis. A student of Indian guru arrived in Irtysh with a mission – to find and revive the Hanuman temple, the monkey God, lost somewhere in Siberia. According to legends, a magic crystal of this temple must save humanity from the Apocalypse. And in Omsk the choice of guru was chosen because the name of the city was in tune with the sacred syllable “Om”, for allegedly possessing tremendous energy.

However, after Rasmol Okunevo suddenly interested and representatives of other faiths. Today, it is probably the only place in the world where they come together. Okunevska on the bench instead of rhymes sing songs in the languages of all countries. And the famous June festival of the Solstice attracts thousands of tourists.

Here, everyone is looking for something different. The believers – peace and quiet, away from the busy world. Ufologists and energy posts. Archaeologists discovered ancient burial grounds and burial mounds. Entrepreneurs – money. Tourists – stunning natural environment and a lot of impressions.

However, there is one thing which can not yet neither one nor the other. Lost the crystal through which Siberia will save humanity. Maybe you find him?

There are in the Chuvash Republic unusual destinations for budget travelers. Shore “Bird flight,” the Sovereign mountain, Chavash Varmane, the monastery with the miraculous icon of the bridge for the rope-jumpers.

the City of Mariinsky Posad. State mountain is named in honour of visiting her Catherine the great, who was charmed by the lovely views of the Volga. Zavolzhsky Bank here at a glance. At the foot of the mountains many springs with healing water. 252 years ago there was founded the Catherine of oak trees, still surviving.

the Town of Kozlovka. Five kilometers away is the village of Novoromanovka. Hence, with high banks, which the people called “Bird flight”, open vistas. This is one of the highest points from the level of the river Volga in Chuvashia. Insanely beautiful place!

the Village of Shemursha. The national Park “Chavash Varmane” – a unique natural complex. For tourists developed Hiking trails that allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

the Town of Alatyr. Holy Trinity Alatyr monastery, according to legend, was founded in the XVI century by order of Tsar Ivan IV. Before the revolution the monastery was the spiritual center of the Volga region. And today he is famous Klyuchevskaya miraculous Kazan icon of the Mother of God and the wonders from the tomb of alatyrskaya ascetic, schema-monk Vassian.

the monastery restored one of the largest bells in Russia. Its height from the ground to the base of the cross is 81.6 meters. The size of the bell allows you to see the steeple and hear the chime, which highlights the 18-ton bell almost anywhere in the city.

the Village is Wet. Here is a unique bridge. This concrete structure amazes with its monumentality. Similar bridges in Russia, not so much. Once mokrinskii bridge was considered the second largest in Europe, with concrete construction. In 1986 it was closed. Now it is a favorite place of rope-jumpers.

On the Kola Peninsula feature of the season will be the waterfalls. The winter snow only a couple of percent have fallen short of the record until 1953. This year a rare chance to see waterfalls, especially the rapid due to high water in the rivers.

They’re here for every taste. Those who prefer light travel, we can go by car to the waterfall Big Lavna 30 kilometers from Murmansk. If you want to visit more wild conditions, you can get on the road to a Beautiful waterfall in the heart of the Khibiny mountains. And those who like to walk, go on the mountain trails.

Again open to tourists and the village of Teriberka in the Arctic. Its main attractions is the cemetery of the old wooden ships and a sandy beach on the Teriberskaya Guba. But the most impressive sight will be opened, if you walk or drive about five miles on a dirt road. It leads to a majestic waterfall Batrakova Small lake. He falls from the red granite rocks. And flows into the sea.

And yet you can walk along the cliffs of the coast of the Barents sea. This approach allows you to feel alone with the unique Arctic nature and get away from the hustle and bustle. According to tourists, it can be tedious, but you do.

However, to stay in the guest house or hotel Teriberka until you get it. Restrictions are not yet lifted. “It’s not so bad – believe tourists Michael and Eugene who go to Teriberka several times per season. – Is like staying in a hotel overnight in a tent on the beach among the rocks? Fall asleep to the sound of the waves wash sea water”. But those who still love the comfort, it is necessary to wait for the opening of hotels. Summer has just begun.

was Prepared by Alexey Mikhailov