Serie A has The corona virus causes all over the world to get rid of stress, especially in hard-hit Spain. During a video-conference with Italian professional clubs, there was an altercation between Aurelio De Laurentiis and Giuseppe Marotta, chief executive officer of the international. The Rome-president said that he is not that smart, found that the clubs, the players, to the foreign country, leave to travel. Returned Romelu Lukaku earlier in the week and go back to canada. The response from Marotta did not have to wait for that.

It’s football in Italy, since the 9th of march still. The country, after Spain, the most troubled in Europe and there are appropriate measures in place. A lot of the players and the teams currently reside in the quarantine, but that does not stop them from re-looking to stay in shape.Among other things, and Cagliari, and Florence wanted to recreate the training ground board, and I decided at the last moment, their plans have to be revised.

today, the Italian voetballandschap into two camps together.There have been teams that have the players go back to their home country to travel to because their condition is maintained as long as the league is “on hold” state. Among other things, Inter and Juventus, that’s Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira, let it stay, after this, the proposal is submitted. Also, Gonzalo Higuaín, Miralem Pjanic, Sami khedira cope, Douglas Costa, and Rodrigo Bentancur, received a safe-conduct from Juve. Inter have turned back the Red Devil Romelu Lukaku and his teammates, Samir Handanovic, Marcelo Brozovic, Ashley Young and Victor Moses, Christian Eriksen and Diego Godin, to return home.

See also is. was Finally returned to her Romeo: Lukaku, who, during the isolation of online course started, is, in, Belgium.

Although not everyone can afford it. Thus, the mix City De Laurentiis is in yesterday’s debate. In a video conference with Italian professional clubs and let the president of This means that it is not a smart idea to think. At his club, no one is allowed in the city and is currently abandoned. According to De Laurentiis, will be a player who comes back from abroad, to 14 days of isolation, and an additional quarantine of 14 days for the shorts to get it.

Wederwoord Marotta

It will be supported by a Giovanni Cobolli Gigli. The ex-president of The serie a champions had earlier in the week, the decision was made. “The situation at the Top, it was complex, and when The British fled out of the land. If the club were allowed into the situation, as well as other players by example and wanted to follow it. All of them need to stay where they were.”