1. Night flyers – season 1

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 01.02.2019

Based on the original book of the Game of Thrones author George R. R Martin, the series is about a research crew that is headed into the future on an Expedition. The Planet earth is on the verge of destruction and so, the researchers launch a desperate attempt to prevent an Apocalypse. With a space Shuttle on a course to intercept a mysterious Alien space ship, that perhaps the key to the Survival of the earth. But the trip turns soon in a deadly horror trip into the darkest corners of the universe.

2. Matryoshka – season 1

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 01.02.2019

The satirical series is about Nadia and your 36. Birthday. This is experienced time and time again, because she dies every Time and then mysteriously back on the same day rises again. Desperate, she tries to escape the vicious circle, but she’s afraid to be crazy. Also, you tried to convince your friends of your experience, but as with any death, it must start again from the beginning.

3. Outlander – season 3

release date: 08.02.2019

In the series, “Outlander” is about the English Couple, Claire and Frank Eandal, which goes shortly after the Second world war, on a trip to Scotland. However, this stay runs completely differently than planned. Claire travels through time and finds himself suddenly in the 18th century. Century. Scotland is currently in a time of upheaval and Claire desperately tries to return to her husband into the 20th century. Century return. But then she meets the young Scot Jamie Fraser, the fight for the independence of Scotland. Claire is lost in the end, more and more in his world.

The third season begins immediately at the end of the second season. Claire and Jamie need to adjust both to their new life circumstances. Jamie is still in the old Scotland, and Claire back in the 20th century. Century. The years pass, but they can’t forget each other. Tirelessly you are looking for a way to reconnect.

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4. One Day at a Time – season 3

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix

release date: 08.02.2019

In this American Sitcom is all about the Cuban Alvarez family. Penelope is a former military soldier who has separated recently from her husband. Together with their two children, Elena and Alex, and their mother Lydia dare a restart right in the middle of Los Angeles.

In the third season, Penelope must admit that your children are slowly growing up and their own experiences. But you can’t let go of what leads to numerous conflicts. Also in the third season, issues such as sexism, depression, sexuality, and gender identity are treated.

5. Dirty John – season 1

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 14.02.2019

“Dirty John” is based on the eponymous Podcast by Christopher Goffard and is about Debra Newell, and their relationship with the charismatic John Meehan. Their initial butterflies fly by but soon, as you lose yourself in lies, secrets and manipulations. The unhealthy relationship also creates problems between Debra and their two daughters, Terra and Veronica, trying to convince her mother of the bad influence of Johns. To open your mother’s eyes you start John to pioneers and their findings are more than shocking.

6. The Umbrella Academy – season 1

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 15.02.2019

Based on the graphic novel series by Gerard Way, the story already has a large Fan community. After the year 1989, 43 children of any women come on the same day, to the world, without that this had not exhibited any signs of a pregnancy, founded by Sir Reginald Hargreeves of the Umbrella Academy. He adopted all the children and tried to train them, because they were all born with unusual powers. However, in the teenager age, the family breaks up and they start to go their own ways. Some years later, only six Survivors learn that her Mentor and father had been mysteriously killed. Together, they want to determine now the exact circumstances behind his death and try to go back to work as a Team. However, the various personalities quickly come together and make it difficult for the cooperation – of The impending end of the world seems to be no help.

7. Suburra – season 2

Video Credit: Youtube/Netflix, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

release date: 22.02.2019

In the series there is the Italian Mafia, Power, money, corruption, real estate, and the Vatican in Rome. It tells the story of three different boys, whose paths cross by chance. None of them are innocent, but they are still a lot smarter. Together, they want to purchase a plot of land to the Vatican in Rome. But not in the usual way, but by blackmailing a priest. The Plan goes wrong and the Trio of unexpected consequences.

In the second season of the battle money tips and Power, and each is anxious to secure the best Position. In addition, Areliano, Spadino and Lele have a new goal – to ascend to the top of Rome’s underworld.

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the Suburra: Blood on Rome: An Italian crime Thriller of the old school

8. Go! Vive a Tu Manera – season 1

Video Credit: Youtube/the Go! Vive a tu manera

release date: 22.02.2019

Mia is an orphan and comes from very humble circumstances. When she receives a dance scholarship to the elite St. Mary’s Academy, will change at a stroke their entire lives. She moves in with a wealthy Banker who was a friend of her deceased mother. But after a short time of each other unit with his daughter, because they feel by MIA’s presence in their school, in their social Status threatened.

9. Shadow hunters: The Mortal Instruments – season 3B

release date: 26.02.2019

The series “shadow hunters” is based on the famous novel series “Chronicles of the underworld” by Cassandra Clare. It tells the story of Clary Fray, who learns at the age of 18, that it is part of a secret organization that protects humanity from demons of the underworld. Her mother had concealed all the years that she is a shadow hunter.

will Only kidnapped her mother from Renegade His morning star, discovered Clare her true identity. Together with the three young shadow, Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood and Isabelle Lightwood, and her best friend Simon Lewis hunters, she embarks on the search for her mother. She needs to find her new world and identity and at the same time with their burgeoning feelings for Jace. As a dark secret about her past comes to light, everything seems to be falling apart.

In the third season, Clary takes Jace to the side of her dead brother, Jonathan. This wants to put together a Shadowhunter army, and the work of his father to continue. Jace and Simon believe that Clary is dead, and each of the two attempts on his way over her death.