The licks no Geiss way: The last four years were, for the most part a waste of time. The Swiss policy is like the donkey on the mountain, it goes forward a step. She has decided to neither our pensions secured effective measures against climate change. You failed it, customer-friendly store hours and to introduce.

the Reform of company taxes, with sorrow and distress, and a bargain – only at the second attempt. From Europe-Dossier, we would rather not talk in the first place. This topic has just passed to the new Parliament.

Maybe it’s better that way. Because in the spat between the National Council and Council of States in the legislature also would have come as well, nothing out of this.

Given the failure in so many points, you can crave the election Sunday only. We hope to have fresh heads, new power relationships and real solutions. So now the appeal to all of the new, but also to the re-elected MPs: Forget the last four years, makes a clean table and grabs the urgent Dossiers, finally! Starts at zero, and then give the horse the spurs! Another four years of standstill, we can’t afford it.