praised Who already does that is. Who after Swimming in the sea, not a shower goes, you should change rapidly. Do not wait until the next Morning, but rinse the salt water immediately after the sea visit. Because according to a study by scientists at the University of California, Irvine, is changing the flora of the Skin by Swimming in the sea.

Our skin is the largest human Organ and is populated by numerous microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. According to the study, it only takes ten minutes, until the salt water rinsed off all of the prevailing micro-organisms and tiny sea creatures has to be replaced. Although this may only sound time worrying: The beach, you need to avoid then.

for 24 hours, after bathing, the pathogens can be proved

The test persons had to fulfil the following conditions: you do not normally spend a lot of time at sea, have not bathed in the last twelve hours or sunscreen used, and in the last six months, no antibiotics taken. Nine Volunteers were studied.

It was taken from a skin swab before Swimming in the sea. After the group was floated for ten minutes in the ocean, has once again taken a skin sample. The mixture was then made after 24 hours a smear.

The result: even Though the water was relatively clean, the micro-biomes on the skin after Swimming dramatically from those previously. Also after one day the disease could be detected the pathogen on the skin. Marisa Chattman Nielsen, a PhD student at UC Irvine and the lead author of the study, said to “Healthline”: “sea water washes away only, with normal skin bacteria, but stores also of foreign bacteria on the skin. This differs greatly from a shower or even a Pool, where one can observe a significantly lower concentration of bacteria.”

“don’t Forget, you

health is not to be showered off” harmful to Swim in the ocean but nevertheless. The risk of infection in healthy people is quite low. People can infect people in contact with their environment, the sea, was already known, so Marisa Chattman Nielsen. The author of the Study gives the all-clear: “Enjoy your time on the beach, but don’t forget, you to be showered off short, when you’re done.”