The principal of sports school Sambo-70, Renat Lyaishev, has commented on Alexandra Trusova’s jaw-dropping attempt to land a quadruple loop, saying her success should be fully attributed to her previous coach Eteri Tutberidze.

On Thursday, the 16-year-old athlete wowed the figure skating community when she shared a video of her effortlessly making a quad loop.

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If she manages to throw the jump at an official competition she will be officially recognized as the first female skater in history to land a quadruple loop.

Sasha is undoubtedly a very talented skater. It’s not for nothing Eteri noticed her. She will continue to amaze us by having such an incredible technical content,” said Lyaishev, who is head of the Sambo-70 school where all of Tutberidze’s skaters study.  

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If she lands all quads at competitions it will definitely help move figure skating forward, and this success will be fully tied to Sambo-70 and her parents,” Lyaishev added, referring to the fact that Trusova’s sensational results were achieved under Tutberidze’s tutelage.

The renowned coach led Trusova to two world junior titles and a European bronze medal before the skater decided to make a career switch by entering Evgeni Plushenko’s academy.

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Explaining her decision to part ways with Tutberidze, Trusov said she wanted to be coached by a specialist who himself solidly landed quads during his career.