A photo of an Alligator ensures that the residents of the area around Texas, Sugar Land for the turmoil In his head is a knife. “I saw the animal in my direction to swim and saw something sticking out of his head,” says Erin Weaver to “KTRK”.

It looked like a steak knife. “I have not seen exactly, whether it was in his eye, but it was definitely very close to it.” The Alligator showed up in the community of Orchard Lakes Estates.

> Neither aggressive nor threatening

she believes that someone has done with intention. “I can’t imagine that the animal is on someone left, because that is what happened with us never.” Meanwhile, the Rangers are informed.

The injured Alligator is reminiscent of the bizarre case of the year 2014, a trout in the Swiss Blausee: In the back of a Swiss army not put knife – what kept them alive and continue to swim. (neo -)