An image remains in all the headlines around Harry and Meghan especially in memory: There, the two shows bright under your umbrella. Now the photographer himself spoke about how it actually came to this now iconic snapshot.

Harry and Meghan: photo under the umbrella

5. March 2020 was a very special day for the Duchess and the Prince. The two were among the guests of the “Endeavour Fund Awards” in London – it was the first public appearance since the announcement of your resignation. And this would be glamorous can be. The Couple beamed from ear to ear, seemed to be in love and happy. Photos of this Evening went around the world. However, a subject caught my eye.

the Fact Meghan and Harry Arm in Arm under an umbrella to. While in the Background the rain is raging, they are completely in focus, and smile full of joy. This also makes the viewers in a good mood. This picture could easily go as a movie poster for a Hollywood Romance, Samir Hussein shot, the shooting for the Agency.


Special snap shot: a photographer reveals how the umbrella-image

compared To the US edition of VOGUE, he revealed that he had hoped for this evening, actually, no special success. is “It has rained in Streams, which can be very difficult when photographing with a flash,” he explained. “It also meant that Harry and Meghan are going to be under one umbrella, what do you mean, actually, that it becomes difficult to get good photos of the Couple. I didn’t know that these elements come later so spectacularly together to create a timeless image.”

told, such As Hussein’s more, he spoke with a spokesperson, to find out where the Royal Couple arrives with the car and was placed accordingly at a location that he felt was suitable. As the two Royals walked in the direction of the photographer, he noticed a flash of light that came from the crowd behind them, and him as a light in a photography Studio could be used. “I’ve done it myself in a way that the flash light is behind you, and then I had to respond quickly, I only had a second or two, to get the picture where you smile so beautiful.”

arrived at home, was Hussein, not yet sure, whether his Plan had worked. But when he saw the photos on his Laptop for the first Time, it was clear to him that he had shot a very special photo. “The chances are one in a Million, that all of the items that you wish to come along – perfect Timing, great light, strong symbolism, and wonderful protagonists.”

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