Cloudy: “neolithics of Pfyn” (from 9. June)

we had dared to dream That the good Oliver Bono (53) to its own impermanence, would remember. Hot twelve summer ago, for the “Schweiz aktuell”-season project “neolithics of Pfyn” ten protagonists a month in a stone age settlement at the back of the Ried-Weiher in the Thurgau municipality of Pfyn spent. Accompanied by this, Bono, the long-term specialists for such Live-boxes, and has pulled back to the Produzentenpult and behind the Scenes. For this Revival, he makes – in the meantime an exception is grey -. If the SRF can redeem his own promise to meet with the stake builders-Revival of the “feeling of life of the warmest weeks,” we want to doubt. The Pfyner Neolithics were cucumber, but in 2007 much more acidic than refreshing Vitello tonnato with a glass of sparkling white wine. But the austerity drives as we know, strange flowers. And if we remember correctly, it was us as school children in the long summer holidays and often simply boring. After all, the neolithics-free sky and pure nature, what is missing in other summer formats bring us.

Sunny: Fête des Vignerons (from the age of 15. July)

The gigantic wine festival is held since 1797, approximately every 25 years, and is in the French-speaking Switzerland are far more popular than on this side of the rösti ditch. Since 2016 it appears on the Unesco list of the intangible cultural heritage, and in July, hundreds of thousands in the Canton of Vaud. In the week from 15. July Sabine Dahinden (50) in “Schweiz aktuell” of the Event and reported from the opening. Separately, the coronation of the Rebbauern (18 to be illuminated. July), the parade and the spectacle in Vevey, VD (27. July). Our tip: drink Plenty of water, otherwise the Chasselas rises directly in the head.

Sunny: “Talk at the BBQ” (from 1. July new Monday 21 p.m.)

A clever idea: SRF makes celebrities at the camp fire talking. Of the three invited guests, one host is in the next shipment. SRF hits two flies in one blow: While the sausages sizzle, tell the “TV-Brätler” significantly more than in an empty TV Studio. And SRF can Talk in the future-talents casting. VIEW called for better transmission of place – the show has now. This summer, among other Tama Vakeesan (31), Franz Fischlin (56) and Katja Stauber (56).

rain: “Doctors VS Internet” (Start-1. July)

The diagnosis-duel with the funny doctor Fabian Unteregger (42) made for us last summer sick. For the second Time, Doctors and laymen make diagnoses in this shipment Horror. The quota check was last year, although a common finding, but this does not prevent us to ask the moral question of whether seriously ill patients may be funneled through an entertainment format. We find: it difficult. In the Winter flu time, we would swallow the Show for a hypochondriac, Yes, even as a bitter pill. For the Barbecue we would barbecue the EGGER, but most of all.

rain: train to train (in “Schweiz aktuell” from 22. July)

After all, Michael Weinmann (38) presents itself this summer in the wall gap as the Original Nik Hartmann (46). His schedule: He chugs the railway through Switzerland, talking with experts and passengers. Hopefully we don’t see too much dirty toilets and slashed seats. It would have been at least a promising journey in the Glacier Express to be. It is to be feared that the audience – pull train to train – the Emergency – and sweat-brake.

cloudy: “Donnschtig-Jass” (from 4. July)

The main questions: Is Rainer Maria Salzgeber (49) singing a cheerful Intro song like its predecessor, Roman Kilchsperger (49)? And as his colored pants looks in the hail storm? The fingers are the nails clean? The Valais TV Gentleman, and is assisted by the outside reporter Stefan Büsser (34) and an arbitration judge Sonia Kälin (34), occurs in the national Jasswettkampf in big footsteps. He must show that he is only on the field of play, an ACE, but also stab in the village square.

Sunny: “Swiss in Los Angeles” (Start at the 10. July)

Already the last season from New York (USA) had their appeal. This year, the five-part Doc series “the Swiss in Los Angeles,” again provides insights into the life of innovative confederates, who have found their happiness. This time, we experience a Bodyguard and a dance Professor in the California dream metropolis. Immigrants spur always been our dreams, we fly with our thoughts in the Californian metropolis.

cloudy: Camping-fever (“Schweiz aktuell” from 29. July)

We look so happy, when Katharina Locher (33) as a damsel makes a trip back in time to the middle ages. Or with hobby gardeners in the Bed increases. This summer, she’s making a week long stop on campsites. Nachtruhezoff, garden gnomes, and dish washing in the common room – we are familiar with yet somehow all. Would be interesting if the from Berne would spend the night in a self-attempt at least in the tent. Not in front of you but apparently.

cloudy: “The young diplomats” (from 22. August)

Sounds at least diplomatic about it: The new Doc series, the five people in Switzerland followed on their way to the Embassy occupation, will not upset the heat muffle. On The Contrary. To see how the young people are reflected in conventions, and fixed-manners-influenced dream job, makes gluschtig. Especially when we see them in exotic areas – we wait.

Sunny: “Born on …” (Start at the 2. August)

Behind the Doc-series is a simple, but exciting concept: put Three people who were born on the same day, the light of the earth, talk about their lives. One of them is prominent. It is the historical treatment often forgotten times, who, thanks to personal emotional narratives in addition to depth. Again: actress Melanie Winiger (40), publisher Jürg Marquard (73), singer Paola Felix (68), and ball impact-legend Werner Günthör (58). So many lions in a broadcast: It should be shouted!