Multimedia-Almost any brand of televisions, has its own smart tv operating system. Now, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming apps are important, we can almost not live without it.Tweakerspikt by the smart system provides the best and affordable tvs off the facilities on offer. Android TV

Philips 50PUS7304 (€ 566)

do you Have an Android smartphone, you have already been intensely used for? It’s the things make more sense to have a tv running Android tv at home. This is because some of the equipment from brands such alsPhilips, Sony, and Sharp have made a tv version of Google’s operating system, allowing them to have access to the same information and the same services, as well as on your smart phones.

DePhilips 50PUS7304is is a very good budget model with Android TV, live tv, apps and the internet easily together. The picture quality is also very good, with the tv shows to 4K, Dolby Vision, and a HDR10+ images effortlessly, thanks to the P5 design. It’s a Philips, so it will take you to Ambilight on (which lights the wall behind the tv, in the colors of the image, eds.). There are also some negative points – which is only logical, given the price, that’s the sound that is tinny and it had a 50 Hz refresh rate will be fast, the images are not always smoothly displayed.Click here to view the Philips 50PUS7304.