Latin singer Natalia Oreiro wants to receive the passport of the Russian Federation.

But constantly to live in Russia is not planning, as she said in an interview.

These words Natalia drew criticism in social networks. Followers were indignant – why, then, her Russian citizenship?

Joseph Prigozhin has decided to publicly support the singer.

He told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that do not understand the attacks on the actress. Because the more citizens of Russia will in the world, the better.

“I believe that the more people willing to become citizens of Russia, the better. It is strange that cling to her words about how if she wants to live in Russia or not, will or will not. She wants a passport or not is her personal issue,” – said the producer.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, producer Joseph Prigogine argued with composer Yuri Loza because of the fees of singer Lolita.