Russian Sergei Popov, who is on the ship Diamond Princess, still did not lose hope and do not despair. “I listen to you and wonder. This five-star hotel on the water, not the hole” — so responded Sergei Stepanovich in the words of the experts of the Studio program “60 minutes,” who called luxurious cruise liner in the cooler. On the eve of the dangerous coronavirus was identified nearly a hundred passengers.

According to Sergei, no need to scare people, as the ship normal conditions for life. In addition, he believes coronavirus pitiful semblance of the disease: “It is absolutely right that we’ve been here for 15 days. I’m 46 years old and working as a dentist and as many times been in danger all these years. The flu is a terrible disaster, and coronavirus no.”

According to the passenger, the doctors all took the tests. Embassy staff collected almost all the documents to send the Russians home. “We take you to the airport, take the tickets and fly home to Omsk. We are 15 days has already been in quarantine, no more. Why do we still have to undergo quarantine?”, — genuinely surprised Sergei Popov.

Leading Olga Skobeeva was amazed at the incredible optimism of Sergei Stepanovich: “There is a joke that you have “Stockholm syndrome”, you just do not fully appreciate the danger faced”.

According to the latest data, on Board of the cruise liner Diamond Princess revealed 88 cases of coronavirus COVID-19. Thus, the total number of cases reached 542 people. All on Board are more than 3.7 thousand passengers and crew members.

on the Eve of one woman from 24 Russian citizens were identified coronavirus. In the Russian Embassy in Japan has assured that the Russians will leave the ship after the end of the quarantine.