Live is almost priceless in Switzerland, the General opinion was that. Wrong, writes the Economist Klaus Wellershoff (55) in his column in the “Handelszeitung”. Not that Living is expensive, but the Build. The Swiss for Housing and Heating in the year 2000, had to spend an average of 17.6 percent of their household income, in 2016 is still 14.7 percent, a survey by the Federal government. And the trend continues downwards.

the rental costs in total are not the Problem but the high Neumieten, believes Wellershoff. So, the Rents required in new buildings, or for renovated apartments.

, The state

The reason: “In no country in the world to Build or Renovate is as expensive as in Switzerland,” said Wellershoff. This statement of obligations, real estate expert Robert Weinert (40) of Wüest Partner and Donato Sconamiglio (49) of Iazi, more or less. What is clear is that Build in Switzerland can be very expensive!

the reasons for this, however there are divergent views. For Wellershoff is the procedure clear, the state is the largest cost drivers: “the cost of the building permit in Switzerland every year about 600 million Swiss francs estimated”. as the Economist. The cost of our officials ordered measures would be.

Weinert, however, the Problem looks to be in the high level of wages and the expensive materials were often used in new buildings: “In the Swiss market for Rented accommodation is high quality, built as in many other countries.” So, for example, with two wet cells, expensive kitchen appliances, multiple glazing or in accordance with the Minergie Standards.

Exploding land prices

This was not absolutely necessary, says Sconamiglio: “we Need to really build all the buildings so that you can keep for the next 100 years. Many be eh torn down after 50 years.” For him the Problem lies not in the materials: “We don’t have a baking stone-price explosion, but a ground-to-Explosion,” explains Sconamiglio. Because building land is in Switzerland rare commodity.

Build in Switzerland is as expensive as almost anywhere else in the world. The three experts agree. For the reasons everyone has a different opinion. Only helps the tenants little, the need to Fund life in the new building.