For the past 15 seasons addiction Model-mom Heidi Klum (46) under your girl at “Germany’s Next Topmodel” which is A. Many of the former “GNTM”-candidates today are not only Models, but have also established their own family.

Anna Maria Damm (23)

In the case of “GNTM” was Anna Maria Damm 2013 Fifth. After that, she launched a successful career as a Youtuberin and Influencerin. With her long-time friend Julian Gutjahr (23) got the dam in June 2015, their first child. Daughter Eliana (1) crowned the then-five-year-old love of the Two.

Marie nose man (31)

Still four weeks to go until Marie nose man is allowed to welcome their first child in the world. Previously, she and her fiancé Sebastian Tigges had to make a lot of things. Nose-man was once pregnant, but suffered in October 2018 and a miscarriage. A severe relationship test for the Couple, but now you may rejoice in your offspring.

Lena Gercke (32)

The first winner of the Casting Show will be a mommy. Only three-quarters of a year, after Lena Gercke to advertising their relationship is made to be a film Director Dustin Schöne (34) publicly announced your pregnancy. Since the announcement on Instagram, the Model keeps her Fans with a baby belly pictures are always up to date.

Which of the former candidates also mommy, or will be, see you in the gallery. (bsn)