Sébastien Buemi loves the challenges on the race tracks. The thrills and high-tech. Pure adrenaline. But the former formula 1 driver and current formula E Star also worries about the future of our planet: “I really enjoyed my first season as a Nissan driver in the FIA formula E championship,” he says. “But it is for me as a new Ambassador for Nissan in Switzerland is a wonderful thing to drive the emission-free Nissan LEAF with more range and HP in public transport.”

In Switzerland plays electro-mobility an increasingly important role. In the past year, 2.2 percent of all new cars were already electrically operated. And in the front of the Nissan rides. The flagship of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the all-electric Zero-Emission vehicle, the LEAF. The world is already 400’000 copies have been sold and more than four billion kilometres by satisfied customers, laid back. Thus, the LEAF is the most popular electric car in the world, and in Europe in the past year, the best-selling.

In the models of “e+ Tekna” and “e+ N-Connecta” there is now in the urban WLTP-cycle of up to 385 km reach – 40 percent more than in the LEAF with a 40-kWh battery pack. The electric motor is boosted to 160 kW/217 HP. With prices starting at 47’690 Swiss francs. The entry-level model with 110 kW/150 HP and a range of 270 kilometers there are from 38’990 CHF. Over 400’000 customers worldwide since the Start of 2010, the green LEAF.

ProPilot = Intelligent Driving

Intelligent Driving, Smart Power and Smart Integration are the magic words of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility. The ProPilot from the LEAF is now already available in the Qashqai, the best-selling Crossover in Europe. This keeps the car centered in the lane, but also ensures that the adjustable distance to the vehicle in front is automatically maintained. And if the driver presses on the brake, brings the ProPilot the car by itself to a halt.

More: Independently of the vehicle a is parked thanks to the four cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors scores. The System is the first building block on the way to Autonomous. The Clou: With the new e-Pedal, the driver can step on the Gas, or the Tempo, take away and so the recuperation of taxes. As soon as the driver takes the foot off the Pedal, the E-Motor to the Generator and charges the batteries.

As the first Japanese manufacturer Nissan took part in the 2018/19 season at the FIG of the FIA formula E championship. With the Swiss driver Sébastien Buemi, master 2015/16 and third at his home race of Bern, and the British Oliver Rowland. “The formula E stands for the sporty side of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility”, says Roel de Vries, Corporate Vice President of Nissan. “It stands for our Vision of how vehicles are powered, hazards, and integrated in society will be.” For him, the championship is a great opportunity “to demonstrate to our Fans and customers the power and performance of our electric vehicles.” Nissan is the global leader in Zero-Emission brand, the LEAF is the most produced electric car. At the same time Nissan can look back on a long motor sports history. The company was therefore clear that, For these two core competencies of the formula E provides the perfect stage.

car to the power station

to build only cars to drive around, Nissan is boring. With partners, the company develops solutions for the production and storage of energy. The car as a small power plant for home – that is, in the language of Nissan’s “Intelligent Integration”. The car can store electricity from renewable sources such as solar cells, if this is not available or affordable price. And then the stored electricity when demand is high and expensive electricity costs make.

“As the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cars, we support our customers and companies that contribute to a sustainable future,” says Ponz Pandikuthira, Vice President of Product Planning of Nissan. “With our three pillars of Intelligent Mobility, we change the way our customers travel and life – and their impact on the environment.”

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