In the 15 years Andøy in Nordland had a contentious vindkraftposjekt hanging over her.

Environmentalists have were ever since the Norwegian water resources and energy directorate (NVE) in 2006 said yes to the project with 26 wind turbines.

Oil and energy minister Tina Bru (H) recently said no to the plans.

Photo: Siv Sandvik

A rich bird life in a fragile marsh lands had to be protected, they felt. But the complaints did not lead up. Four years later opprettholdte ministry of Petroleum and energy permit.

But in march 2020, be able to miljøvernerne cheer.

the Norwegian authorities would still not have a wind farms in the area.

the Cause was new and up to date knowledge about peat and its importance for the climate, ” said Petroleum and energy minister Tina Bru (H) to NRK.

Now mix the German ambassador in Norway.

Owned by the German storkapital

today is owned Andøya Wind AS by the German company Prime Capital AG.

Alfred Grannas is Germany’s ambassador to Norway. In march he wrote a letter to the ministry of Petroleum and energy, where he believes the Norwegian authorities discriminate against foreign and Norwegian owners in the energy sector.

Photo: Kay Nietfeld / Zentralbild/dpa

In 2019 bought fondsforvalteren, with its base in Frankfurt, the shares from the Swedish Wallenstam group.

The German ambassador in Norway, Alfred Grannas, the claim in an e-mail that the company has been treated unfairly.

the Letter is addressed to secretary of state, Tony Christian Tiller (H) in the ministry of Petroleum and energy.

Where the type Grannas that the Norwegian authorities have forskjellsbehandlet a foreign investor compared with Norwegian.

the Ambassador also suggests that the case may end up in court.

I do not think that a long trial in krisetidene right now had been to the advantage of some of the parties here. Even less if this starts a discussion about a possible risk for foreign investments in Norway in the energy sector, type Grannas.

In addition, Grannas that Prime Capital has not been given the opportunity to take a position to the arguments when the ministry still would not have the island.

Here you can read the entire letter.

the Norwegian authorities respond

NRK has asked the ministry of Petroleum and energy what they think about that they almost threaten with a lawsuit, and how they responded to him at the inquiry.

In an e-mail reply communication manager Ole Berthelsen in general.

< p> the Municipality supported the controversial wind turbine systems – get a no from the government

Norway and Germany have a good relationship. Norway is also an attractive country for domestic and foreign investors in the energy sector, type Berthelsen.

– Ownership of vindkraftverkene in Norway, for example, is about equally divided between Norwegian and foreign actors. It is caused by, among other things, that we have predictable and thorough myndighetsprosesser involving all affected parties, ” says Berthelsen.

Would postpone the deadline

the Reason that the Norwegian authorities again got the case to the treatment, was that the owners would postpone the deadline to get started with future growth.

Stephan Klepsland in Prime Capital have announced that they will follow up the rejection from the government.

Photo: Martin Hall Larsen / NRK

Specifically, they wanted to extend the deadline for the previous permission for the development with one year, as well as to get the drive to 2051.

The Norwegian regulations open up for the postponement, but no one is entitled to get yes on such an application, says Berthelsen.

– As it emerges from the decision to have the ministry in the ordinary way made an in-depth assessment and evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of a deferment from the energilovens requirements.

– the Decision on the complaint may not be appealed. That project has been given new owners have not been relevant for the ministry’s assessments.

Ambassador Alfred Grannas, says to NRK that the island of Andøya Wind AS and the owner of Prime Capital AG has submitted an application for a residence permit to the ministry.

– While it is under treatment, it is not correct of me to comment, he points out.

project Manager Stephan Klepsland by Prime Capital AG, says to NRK that they respond that “the ministry of the customary practises”.

– The last time we have invested large sums of money, based on the NVEs decision on whether to extend its license. We emphasize also that the marsh in the area are not compromised because of the development.

– What with the trial, it is applicable?

We do not exclude that the case may end in court.

Shocked the ambassador

In the Andøy is a resident Kari Vik shocked that the German ambassador interferes.

Vik is an ardent opponent of the island and has followed the case since its inception around 15 years ago.

Letter from the ambassador she found in the online exchange to the ministries.

the German ambassador to Norway goes into the Norwegian forvaltningsregler and indirectly threatens Norway with legal action, I think was very special.

Vik lives in the area where the wind turbines were planned. She is assigned to the organization Headwind Norway and says she will not stay in the middle of wind farms.

– That Prime Capital will attempt a trial, it expects I. But that they draw into the German ambassador and the German state, seems to me to go far over the line.

Right here to the wind farm after the plan is set up. Now, the government turned thumbs down.

Photo: Sigurd Steinum / NRK