I live with my husband and three children (6, 4 and almost 8 months) to my in the vicinity of Venice. For the past five weeks, we practically live totally isolated from the outside world.

almost a year Ago, we moved to Italy, my husband has accepted a new Job. He is Swedish and works for a Swedish company. He is allowed to drive with a special permit even to work every day – the kids and I have to stay home.

“After five weeks is not home alone all that fun”

We have said, fortunately, we live in a house with a garden, but honestly, after five weeks at home alone all this it’s not funny anymore. The worst thing is: We all know how long we will live.


  • Coronavirus outbreak in the News Ticker – Drastic measures for Hotels, playgrounds, Restaurants, and Church services are decided and von der Leyen EU-entry stop

My children miss their friends, I long to go Out, to enjoy being together. At the beginning of my children have asked: when are we going to the Playground, when we go back in the nursery? When do we meet friends? Now you ask me, hardly even then.

I’m trying to make the days with the children in a positive and structured well. I don’t think so, otherwise you can make it through the weeks.

That we are not able to see us personally, making us crazy

This Isolation is for all of us bad. I write with your friends via WhatsApp, but that we are not able to see us personally, and it’s freaking us.

I think many Italians have not taken the Virus a long time seriously. As it was, you should less to go out, were visited by the ice-cream parlours and Restaurants is still good. My husband and I was shocked. My husband has relatively realized early on what’s coming at us. We are well supplied with food and everything we need. My husband is also the one who goes shopping. Although we live in the exclusion zone, there is enough food. Since there are no bottlenecks.

More of the Coronavirus

now When I look out of the window, the streets are empty. No traffic, no people. From time to time, we hear the ambulance. This is a very strange mood.

I’m not afraid of the Virus. We are young and healthy and without pre-existing conditions – I am very grateful. But this alone, – that is a drain on all of us.

I hope that we all survive these times and soon normality occurs.

This article first appeared in Stadtlandmama.de

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