In short:

  • apply The restrictions will continue until 19. April 2020
  • such As first easing might look like, said Merkel
  • “The world is a risk area” – travellers have two weeks in quarantine
  • On Thursday intends to consider the government, such as Germany even more protective clothing

can be applied to produce in Advance as possible that Merkel speaks at least first easing measures but announced still no concrete Plan for the significant relaxations of the existing measures . And so it came to be. Merkel said: “We were a bad government, if we would right now call a date”, said Angela Merkel, addressed to a possible easing of the current Corona.

Exit date is not called Merkel

At the Numbers, you see that you had come a step forward. However, it was too early, to the to date to the 19th century. To shake April, adopted measures, the Chancellor.

Austria was Germany’s time in the whole crisis a little ahead, said Angela Merkel. In any case, it will a gradual end.

“False hopes non-answer would be”

government spokesman Steffen Seibert had said at the Government press conference at noon, that it was for a loosening in total, still to early.

Seibert referred here to the Podcast of the German Chancellor at the weekend: “she has quite clearly stated that citizens can rely on the fact that the Federal government fulfills its responsibility, and day and night think about how we bring the two together: to set the high objectives of health protection and the necessary process, the public life back in motion step by step.” It would be irresponsible, if the Federal government would be subject to the think.

Seibert: “The Chancellor has also said that it would be irresponsible, if you would now raise false hopes, which could then be due to the reality of the infection events may not meet. That is why we can now call here today, not Exit dates. And that is why it is also does not make sense now to talk about single steps of such a process here.”

Open from 19. April Restaurants and shops?

According to a report by the Reuters news Agency in the Ministry of the interior, a concept paper with specific plans. Accordingly, from 19 to. April retail and Restaurants are re-opened. In certain regions, supposedly the schools are to open again. Large-scale events, and private parties would remain, according to the report, but for the time being prohibited.

in addition, it should be, therefore, a mouth guard duty in buses, trains, factories, and buildings introduced as soon as sufficient masks are available. Accordingly, certain sectors of the economy could start operating again – if you are not connected with a lot of customer contact. According to the report, the condition of these measures, the infection rate among one remains to be. the Merkel said on Monday, however, is not .

Merkel: “the Whole world is a risk-area”

This is now: The Robert-Koch-Institute will designate areas in the future, no individual risk more, said Angela Merkel. Instead, the “whole world is in a risk area”.

The morning was already known that German in the future, after several days abroad . Travelers may also come because of the Corona of a pandemic has only one “valid reason to travel” to Germany.

quarantine for Germany-returnees

Basically, Entries from third countries only in selected cases, the travelers will be checked at the German external Schengen borders. It is expected that these measures count the dots, the Merkel in the afternoon, is known.

All of the latest developments to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, you can find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

in addition, the Corona was discussed in Cabinet this morning about a proposal by Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), after the stricter border controls will be extended to the Transitions to other neighboring countries.

Stricter conditions for entry to the borders of Germany

Since the 16th century. March may enter at the borders to Austria, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark only, who has a valid reason, such as commuters. Seehofer calls for the borders to Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as at the airports of the strict entry conditions.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) is not informed, however, that the country is going to the borders to Belgium and the Netherlands closing. Laschet said in the afternoon: “The fight was worth it, the border remains open – a good day for North Rhine-Westphalia!”

Merkel calls for Germany to self-protection article produce

New: The Chancellor calls on Monday afternoon, a “pillar of the in-house production” at the medical protection articles. This will be produced mainly in Asia. On Thursday we’ll discuss in the Corona-Cabinet-the-point” self-manufacture of protection articles” again. A leader should be the Ministry of economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier.

Merkel was reported on Monday at 16.15 to word. The Statement can be read here in the Live Ticker in the Detail.

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