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Monday afternoon was the ninth death in Norway as a result of koronaepidemien known.

Even though over 2000 people are confirmed infected, and just under 200 people are hospitalized, have no fear, the Norwegian directorate of Health, Norway can get a situation as in Italy.

– No, I fear not right now. We have been significantly earlier there than in Italy. Italy had a large extent of the contamination before they were aware that they had koronavirus. It was randomly discovered in the hospital in very bad patients, ” says acting assistant Director, Espen Rostrup Nakstad.

– What do we know now that we didn’t know two weeks ago?

– We know for the first that smittetallene is relatively stable. It is reflected well in the innleggelsestallene. We also see that only 4 percent of those tested, have been proven koronasmitte, says Nakstad.

That the numbers are stable, it means that there is a steady number of new infected each day. This has been around 180-200 for the last few days.

12: 30 pm time Monday, reports the ministry of Health that 40 of the hospitalized patients have a respiratorbehandling. FHIs updated figures at 13 shows 240 new infections last night.

a New assessment of the measure on Tuesday

CONSIDERING the MEASURES: health minister Bent High, says a new assessment of the koronatiltak probably come on Tuesday.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

It will probably be decided in the morning about the strict korona-measures, with, for example skolestengning, continues in Norway.

– A conclusion on the most powerful actions comes not in the day, so probably in the morning, ” says Bent High to the NRK.

despite the positive development warns on High, against that people send the shoulders.

– This is an incredible motivation that we must now hold fast, ” says High.

He points out that the most important measures are the simple tips about good hand hygiene, coughing into your elbow and restrict social activity. Lofty says they want to know more about the effects of the measures when this week is over.

Hospital director warns young

At a press conference at the Hospital says the managing director Øystein Mæland that they probably are there hospital in the country which as of now has had the largest influx of korona-patients.

They now have 31 people hospitalized, ten in the intensive care unit, of which nine in the respirator. Two people have died in the hospital.

Although the risk is greatest for the elderly and sick, ” says Mæland it is important that young people do not wait to report if they feel bad.

– It is not only the old and sick can get very sick from covid-19. We also have people in the 40-50-årsalder without a known complicating disease that is become very sick from this, ” says Mæland.

FHI envisages strict measures in several months

Geir Bukholm in the Norwegian institute of public health, ” he says from a smittevernfaglig point of view see for themselves that they are strong instruments we use will be in some months to come, before they gradually released.

– We do not believe it is possible to stop the epidemic, ” he says of the

– The latest estimates our suggests that 40 to 60 per cent of the population can be infected in Norway, ” says Bukholm.

He says they are trying to get into a controlled epidemic in Norway, which goes so slowly that the capacity in the health service do not burst.

Working with hurtigtester

Norway in an international study to test malariamedisin on koronapasienter.

– When we do it together in the world, we get a quick and effective research. It gives hope for faster results, ” says High.

In addition, efforts are made with an opportunity for hurtigtester, where koronatesten must not be inside of a laboratory.

– we can then get answers on the sample where you are located. This work it hard now, ” says Nakstad in the ministry of Health.

LIVE: See the latest news about koronakrisen. You need javascript to see the video.

LIVE: See the latest news about koronakrisen.

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