It is not only businesses and individuals who get a financial bang when everything is down because of the korona.

Also the municipalities foreign up on a large financial challenge.

Revenue down, expenses up,

The last days have økonomane in large Norwegian municipalities and kommuneorganisasjonen KS considered on how local government finances will be in 2020.

It is a difficult reknestykke, but there is little doubt that the economic picture looks black out:

tax revenues go down, Expenses for social assistance goes up the Costs of health and care services goes up, Revenue from culture, sport and other services not Municipalities lose out on the investment of its Counties are losing at the box office in the public

Some plussar is it simply enough:

Also the municipalities save money on the lower interest rate for the Municipalities save that the Parliament has reduced the arbeidsgjevaravgifta

With plussar and minusar formed the KS with that the municipalities will lose between 14,3 and nok 19.3 billion in the year.

Fylkeskommunane will lose in just under 3 billion. Overall about 20 billion.

KS have then gone out of that koronakrisa with them restriksjonane we have no goods in about two months.


Bjørn Arild Gram is politically elected leader in KS. He explains what happens.

– Reknestykket shows that it is both a kostnadsauke and a inntektssvikt for the municipalities, ” says Grams.

It is skattesvikten that is the biggest problem. Tax revenues for the municipalities comes primarily from personskatten that every single of us pays. When people lose a job and the income goes to the tax substantially down.

Bjørn Arild Gram, which is a leader in the KITCHEN, says municipalities need financial help from the government.

Photo: Ole Berg-rusten / NTB scanpix

KS believes that tax revenues from innbyggarane to the municipalities and the county will go down by 6.4 billion if unemployment (including laid off) come up in a årssnitt of 7.7 percent through 2020. If unemployment is even higher (11 per cent), the sector tape to 8.1 billion in just revenue.

Tuesday this week was 10.4 per cent of the workforce unemployed or laid off.

Increased the

at the same time, the local authorities reckon that the costs to health and care services rises sharply.

– Smitteverntiltak costs and sjukehusa want to print several patients to clear space to koronapasientar. These must municipalities take care of. In addition, it will cost that the municipalities get koronapasientar they need to take care of. In sum, increases the pressure on health and care services considerable, ” explains Gram.

Dragkamp about rekninga

– We believe that all real kostnadsaukar must be compensated by the state if we are to keep up velferdstenestene, think Grams.

Parliament has already decided that there shall be given compensation to municipalities and counties for urimelege effects of skattesvikt, inntektsbortfall and meirutgifter.

So why is there unrest among the municipalities?

the Question is what is “urimeleg”. Grams feel not confident about what will come from government and parliament.

– I am worried that we shall not get covered in everything. We need forsikringar that the finances of the municipality are safeguarded. Certain not to be the brakes put on. And it is for example harder to keep on the council to the municipalities to not lay off municipal employees, if not the municipalities feel confident in what your earnings will be in the future.

Should not the municipality be on the spleiselaget this crisis must be?

We are taking this trøkken, not least their workers that extends far. But it is Parliament and the government that determines almost all of the economic leeway to our. They must take the responsibility to ensure the finances of the municipality.


After the NRK understand is it is not put forward concrete løyvingar to the municipalities when the government of the day add up to a financial krisepakke.

Kommunalminister Nikolai Astrup meetings KS and storbykommunane to the meeting about the challenges in føremiddag. In advance of the meeting says Astrup følgande to NRK:

COMPENSATION: Municipal and moderniseringsminister, Nikolai Astrup (H), says it is too early to say how much the municipalities will be compensated.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

the Municipality delivers some of the most important velferdstenestene in the everyday life of people. The state shall ensure that the municipalities can deliver this also when this is over.

– Can the municipalities be confident that they get the most important thing on this list compensated?

” We have been clear that they should be compensated for urimelege economic impact as a result of the economy. But how great the failure in revenue and increase in expenses will be, is too early to say.