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We are at the end of march, and many norwegians have everything ordered sommarferieturen. Others are in the planning stages, but no one can say anything for sure about how the situation will be about two to three months. And it is too early for the government to give advice on what norwegians should do.

Gunnveig Grødeland is the scientist in immunology at the University of Oslo. On the question about how she thinks the situation will be for our summer holidays, said she:

– Indikasjonar on the effect

Immunologist Gunnveig Grødeland estimates that reiserestriksjonane rest of the world on in good time before our summer holidays.

Photo: Kristin Ellefsen / Kristin Ellefsen/UiO

– It is difficult to say. We have indikasjonar that the measures that are put in the works in Norway have the power when it comes to refine the infection. I hope we can ease the measures in good time before the summer, but it is far from likely that it is the case internationally.

She points to the fact that several countries struggle to gain control over preventing the spread of the virus, and that there are parts of the world where helsestyresmaktene not able to control the epidemic.

In total I think there are limited possibilities for international travel this summer, but I hope there is control over the disease here in the country for the summer. And we have control, so it should tilseie that we can travel as normal rest of the world, she says.

When an epidemic is under control is premissen that a koronasjuk average smittar fewer than a person, in the technical jargon that R is less than 1.

What I think is most likely is that we to the summer, can avoid the strong measures we are experiencing now, but that it still will be restraints on travel to certain countries, leaving Gunnveig Grødeland.

– Too early

– It is too early to say something about our summer holidays, ” says kommunikasjonsrådgjevar Guri Solberg in the UD.

Photo: UD

UDs travel advice states from the norwegians to book travel to a foreign country until 14. april. What will happen after the time, it is too early to say anything about, ” says kommunikasjonsrådgjevar Guri Solberg in the UD.

the Easter holidays has gone the flute for the vast majority. Next Ine Eriksen Søreide (H) said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon that it is not invalid to book a plane ticket to a foreign country on flyrutene yet operational. But then they may not count with the help from the Norwegian authorities when they wish to be home, she said, among other things.

the main rule is that they possess the from travel that is not absolutely necessary for all countries. This council is debt up to 14. april, but what happens after that may not the government say something about no.

Neither the ministry of Health will speculate what might happen with restriksjonane after 14. april.

Director: Therefore we believe that some young people are seriously ill

Read the UDs travel advice here

Uncertain after 14. april,

Mutual has 17.000 innmelde matters as liability insurance and korona, says communications manager Bjarne Aani Ryssdal.

Photo: Mats Stordal / Mats Stordal

For those who have booked travel abroad for our summer holidays, it is uncertain how it will stand with travel insurance. Communications manager for non-life insurance in Gjensidige, Bjarne Aani Ryssdal, says to NRK that they are replacing the tickets are available on all utanlandsreiser from to and with 14. april.

I will not speculate what happens after that. But pr. in the day so can’t the customer cancel a sommarferietur and get it covered by reiseforsikringa, ” he says.

Since the council from the government, is to travel the least possible, so will not the company replace innanlandsreiser in the day. But they get a lot of questions about it, he says.

Ryssdal means that the Mutual has 17.000 innmelde matters as liability insurance and koronasituasjonen.

One of the three norwegians are in the risk group of the korona

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